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Words Have Power!

‘Words are not simply the packets of alphabets sewn together that go out in the air and then disappear into vapour!’ True, indeed! Words have immense power! If they make their way to the heart of the listeners, they can bring a complete transformation… How? Take a look…

This happened long back in Gatlinburg, Tennessee… A seminary professor was sitting with his wife in a restaurant. They had ordered breakfast and were still waiting. Meanwhile, they saw a white-haired man who went to each and every table, and greeted people with a broad smile. He approached this couple as well. With a friendly gesture, he initiated a conversation…

Stranger: Hello! Where are you from?

Professor: Oklahoma.

Stranger: Oh I see! And, what do you do?

Professor: I am a teacher in a seminary.

Stranger: Great, then I have a wonderful story to share with you… (While speaking, he pulled a chair and began to narrate the story…)

(Pointing to a mountain) See there… Near the base of that mountain, there lived a poor mother. She gave birth to a boy. But the boy did not know the whereabouts of his father. As such, it became very difficult for the boy because every now and then people would ask him, “Who is your dad?” This became the talk of the town. Coming across multitudes of expressions- sometimes as taunts, sometimes as sympathy- the boy started avoiding people as he became fearful of the very question. In school also, during lunch breaks he simply slipped out of the class to hide in some corner. On Sundays, while attending the prayers, he would leave the church early, so that no one sees him and asks him the same question.

One day, when he was 12 years old, the prayers got over before time. Actually, a new pastor had taken the charge and the boy wasn’t aware that he would complete the benediction so early. Ah! Now there was no way left for the boy but to walk out along with the crowd. Just when he was about to reach the door, a hand came on his shoulder. The boy looked back and saw the preacher standing behind. Seeing the boy not accompanied by any elder, the pastor asked- “Dear son, where is your daddy?”

Gosh! The boy turned pale and he felt as if… However, the pastor sensed the boy’s reactions and immediately steered the talk, saying- “Wait a minute! … Hey, you are a child of … Right?”…

… A magic!! A big smile shone bright on the boy’s face, who got a completely new introduction for himself in those few words… What those magical words were?

…Words have the power… to change the direction of life itself for an individual!

In fact, why only an individual! Words have the power to give a push to the whole nation. …

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