WWW (Watching While Eating) Syndrome!

While having lunch or dinner what is your favourite activity?

  1. Having a healthy discussion with the family
  2. Eating with concentration on the food
  3. Watching television

We are sure, most of you must have answered in accordance with the statement as given in the study published by the Pew Research Center- ‘People enjoy watching television and eating’. The results of the research further state- ‘Our survey and study verifies that people have great inclination in watching television, usually for many hours at once, and they take pleasure of watching it while eating food in ample amount, that too several times a day.’ In another survey results given by TGI Brazil study, it was found that more than half of the people liked watching TV while eating. The survey was done on the sample size of 10,624 persons lying in the age group of 12 to 64 years, interviewed some years back. When “I like to have my meals while watching television” was asked to them, 52% of the sample came under the category of either ‘completely agreeing’ or ‘somewhat agreeing’ with this statement.

But dear followers of WWE (Watching While Eating)! The so called pleasures of viewing TV while eating actually dis-pleasures your health. In fact, no one ever quoted that watching TV while eating is healthy.

… The issue of watching while eating hasn’t yet heaved to the level of a public health hazard (like tobacco smoking, etc.). But, prevention is always better than cure.

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