Yes! The Guru is Worthy to be Worshipped!

Swami Vivekananda, Swami Yogananda, Shivaji the great... -today the whole world is well-versed with these names. Their words, writings, and philanthropic works are today acknowledged and praised by the intellectuals and elites all around the world. However, these great ones who are adored all across the globe, in turn, offered multitudes of gratitude and expressed themselves as indebted to 'someone', ...who they deemed as their most adorable, most beloved, the dearest, was one and the only- their Guru, the Spiritual Master! What to say of the great personages, even the divine incarnations such as Rama and Krishna have eloquently sung the glory of their Guru, despite themselves being the Avatars! That's why their words, encapsulated in the form of scriptures, are replete with appreciation and gratefulness for the Guru!
Every year, the full moon day during the Ashadha month (falling on 9th July, 2017 this year) is celebrated as the Guru Purnima Day. This day, which carries a great significance for the disciples of a Satguru, is dedicated for Guru Puja or worship of the Guru. This tradition was started by the disciples of the sage of yesteryears, Ved Vyasa, and is, therefore, also hailed as Vyasa Purnima. On this day, the disciples offer heartfelt reverences and pay respect to their holy Guru.

Here are a few references, which are testimonies to comprehend the fact that the Satguru, the Spiritual Master is the power of the highest order of reverence in the entire universe! After comprehending these facts, this question would cease to exist (which today triggers in the minds of various intellectuals and the so-called thinkers) as to why the Guru should be worshipped!

...Be it Thailand, Nepal, Philippines, etc. you will find one thing in common in all these otherwise ideologically divergent nations. It is their regard and belief in Lord Rama and His divine manifestation recorded in the form of the epic Ramayana.

For instance, the love for Rama in Thailand and their feelings of pride in connecting with Him can be seen from various facts.... Their love and admiration for Rama goes to the extent that in early centuries, several kings who ruled the country would either prefix or suffix their names with 'Rama'. The name of the last ruling dynasty of Thailand was Rama.

...Till date, in Nepal, modern priests read out the oldest version of Ramayana procured by them.

...Rama and the inspirations drawn from His life are imbibed, loved, and lived in the whole world. He is worshipped as an Avatar.

But, do you know who this great incarnation of God, i.e. Rama Himself cherished His connection and dedication to? ...

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