You Are God’s Unique Creation!

Do you have any complaints to be made to God for the way you are- your looks, your health, your job, your intelligence, your skills, etc. If a complaint box is placed, wherein you can drop your complaints for the w ay God has made you, perhaps it will be flooded with endless grievances and complaints, such as-

  • Why is my complexion so dark? Fair people look so smart!
  • I find everyone enjoying a good state of health? Why do I have so many health problems?
  • Some people are so cunning and selfish. Still their lives are more comfortable and happier than ours! Why?
  • Despite so much hard work, I fail to get any comfortable in my life. While, I see others prospering and enjoying their lives without doing anything! Why?
  • Some children are so sharp and intelligent! They top every time. Why not me?

Certainly, each one of us would find ourselves resonating with some or the other complaints like the ones in the list. Alas! Have we ever thanked God for what He has given us! Perhaps, we are among the ones who when look at our hands, don’t feel obliged that we have fingers unlike the ones who don’t even have hands; instead, we remorse thinking that our fingers haven’t got the pleasure to experience the feeling of diamond and platinum rings like our friends and relatives!

If we all were to stand in a queue in an ascending order of skills, health, looks, money, intelligence, etc., for sure, we will have many people ahead of us and many people behind us. Now, what we feel about ourselves is very much dependent on which side we see. If we look at people who are standing ahead of us, we invite the traits of jealousy, inferiority, depression, etc. in our lives. And, if we see the ones standing behind us, our chests will swell with ego and superiority complex. In both cases, we see that the feature of comparison jumps in and peace and poise of the mind goes out!

…Some people may raise a question that, if we don’t compare, how will we be inspired to grow and excel? Won’t our lives become stagnant, with no excitement and adventure!

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