ZZZZZZ… Sleeping Postures!

To live a healthy life, one needs to sleep properly and optimally because-

  1. Proper Sleep= Healthy Heart
  2. Proper Sleep= Reduced Stress
  3. Proper Sleep= Reduced Inflammation
  4. Proper Sleep= Perfect Mood
  5. Proper Sleep= Right Concentration
  6. Proper Sleep= Bolstered Memory
  7. Proper Sleep= Repairing of Body
  8. Proper Sleep= Perfect Figure

However, only a few are privileged with these extensive benefits of proper sleep. Reason being, most of us commit a blunder at the very first level in this regard, i.e., ‘sleeping in the wrong posture’.

‘Is sleeping posture responsible for the quality of one’s sleep and health?’- This question was asked to a Professor of otolaryngology, Steven park, MD at New York Medical College. His reply was- Of course, the position does matter. “Fatigue, sleep apnoea, headaches, heartburn and back pain are some of the complaints that can be aggravated by an improper sleep posture and a bad night’s sleep.”

According to researches, there are mainly three sleeping positions-

  1. Stomach Position
  2. Side Position
  3. Back Position


 Stomach Position

Sleeping on the stomach with the head turned on one side and hands around the pillow is the most inappropriate position for the body. …

People sleeping in this pose are categorised by many researchers into the personality of ‘Free Fallers’- those who wake up with the emotion of anxiety.

Side Position

Sleeping sideways has three variants- namely, the foetal position, the log position and the yearner position. Amongst the three, the foetal position is the most common one; but it is considered as the second worst position for sleeping.

Back Position

…People sleeping in his pose protect themselves from wrinkles. … But this position is a no-no for…

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