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Yoga does not merely imply a set of exercises; instead it is a way of life where heart, mind & soul are in perfect harmony. Yog is the way of moving into stillness of soul in order to experience the purpose of our experience and awakening our latent powers to evolve and fulfil that purpose.

20 Days Yoga Training Session and International Yog Day celebrated in Women Jail, Tihar Prisons

Antarkranti has been zealously working to transform prisoners into peacemakers and has regularly imbibed Brahm Gyan and discipline of Yoga through its various sessions. Ahead of the 4th International Yoga Day on 21 June 2018 a special 20 day Yoga Training Camp was organised in CJ-6 of Tihar Jail, Delhi from 1 to 20 June 2018.

Sadhvi Jaya Bharti Ji, Senior Representative, Antarkranti personally monitored the session on daily basis which were conducted by Yoga Teachers; Ms Komal Kaushik and Ms Payal. The training sessions were clubbed with various warm up and fun activities followed by demonstration and practice of Yoga aasanas with special emphasis on proper breathing. The art of breathing possesses, the potential of centralising thoughts which could help drive the prisoners aways from the stress and negativity prevailing within the prisons.

20 Days Yoga Training Session and International Yog Day celebrated in Women Jail, Tihar Prisons

A holistic development and transformation being the aim of Antarkranti, Sadhvi ji also incorporated interactive sessions during the training. She counselled the prisoners about the paramountcy of a healthy lifestyle and control of mind which can be attained by Yog and meditation were highly stressed upon with an intention to provide a means to the prisoners to escape the melancholy within the walls of the prison and deviate from the path of crime.

Jocundity was maintained throughout the session as the training was subsumed with several fun-filled activities like running and jaw dropping formations

Approximately 100 inmates from all age groups benefited from the training session. 15 women inmates were also trained in Yoga Dance. Immediate results due the of yoga practice were reported by prisoners; improvements in their conditions of insomnia, headache, hormonal imbalance etc.

The 20 day Yoga training session culminated into a full-fledged Yoga Day being organised on 20th June 2018 which has introduced the prisoners to calmness of mind and better life discipline.

The Yoga sessions will now be conducted regularly in the jail.

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