12-16 May 2015. Ramechhape, Nepal

Amidst the fresh jolts, DJJS Nepal continues relief operations in the earthquake struck areas

Almost 2 weeks after the destructive 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, life continues to be in peril for the locals left homeless and traumatised. Wanting of food, material, health care and shelter, men, women and children in remote areas are struggling for survival each day.  Continuous fresh quake jolts make the situation even more critical. However, amidst these fresh jolts, selfless volunteers and committed Sadhvi disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji, based in Nepal continue to extend relief to communities in the disaster struck areas, under the banner of DJJS disaster relief and management program – Samadhan.

Amidst the fresh jolts, DJJS Nepal continues relief operations in the earthquake struck areas

Out on rescue and relief operation since the dark day of 25 April 2015, DJJS Nepal team comprising of over 30 members including 4 Sadhvi Preachers of DJJS and 4 female volunteers and 20 male youth volunteers reached Ramchhape district of Nepal with relief material on 12th May 2015. Over the 4 day relief operation, the team supplied cereals, rice, vegetables, biscuits, material for temporary shelter, torch etc., to the victims in Saninabhu, Dandagaun, Kathajod & Thulimadhu villages of the district. Several were injured, hundreds had no homes to lie down, and there were many who had lost their families as the quake struck the area.

“More than the materials they were waiting for a shoulder to weep on, they were waiting for someone to tell them that it will all be ok, they were waiting for someone who could stay up alert in the night while they could take a carefree nap that was missing for days”, shared one of the rescue rangers of the DJJS Nepal Samadhan team.

Sadhvi Geeteshwari Bharti, devoted disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji leading the relief operation in Nepal shared how they were eyewitness to the collapse of 50 buildings, when the second quake of magnitude 7.3 on Richter scale struck the area, all felt numb for a moment and only the sound of shifting earth was heard. She said, “We knew relief operation ought to be more rigorous so we divided ourselves in parties to reach out to maximum people”.

After supplying materials and aids sufficient to cater the needs for next 15 days, the team has returned back to the unaffected areas on a relief material mobilization operation in order to extend their relief operation in the days to come.

Despite being victims of the disaster themselves, within hours of the disaster,  DJJS Nepal team set out to carry out rescue operation and since then has been walking miles loaded with relief material to take the materials to those who need them the most.  As this is just the beginning of the grand relief operation required to bring back lives to normal, be considerate and continue to contribute towards Nepal Relief Operation. Make online donations at www.djjs.org/contribute.

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