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Flash floods occurred due to hours of excessive rainfall which even led to a situation of dam or levee failure. During this catastrophic situation which brought life to a standstill for many, the social initiative of DJJS: Samadhan- the Disaster Relief Programme has been consistently mobilizing resources and extending rescue, relief and rehabilitation to the people stranded in flood affected areas of Patiala, Punjab.

DJJS Disaster Relief Programme Samadhan helped Flood-Hit Victims in Patiala, Punjab

Flooding that has hit across the country over the past weeks caused by unprecedented heavy and unrelenting monsoon rains, might be due to the world’s changing climate. Millions in villages, towns and cities were caught off guard by the swiftness and power of the waters. There was a surfeit of waterlogged roads, and many cars were submerged in water. The situation worsened in Patiala and Dera Bassi as fields were inundated. Many roads caved in, disrupting the traffic. Areas of District Patiala including tehsil Dudhan Sadhan are severely impacted by these floods and several such areas have been left inaccessible.

On15th July 2023, responding to the situation and carrying the objective of helping more and more people, DJJS representatives along with the team of volunteers reached the village Rohar Jagir, located under the tehsil Dudhan Sadhan, despite lots of challenges. Upon reaching, volunteers empathized with the victims and served them. They all distributed necessities such as Rashan, Candles, Match Boxes, Dry Milk, Biscuits, Mosquito Creams and Coils, Medicines, and other required items to the victims.

DJJS Disaster Relief Programme Samadhan helped Flood-Hit Victims in Patiala, Punjab

DJJS team is constantly keeping a track of the circumstances and working towards providing required resources in order to help the needy ones during such difficult times.

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