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Yoga doesn’t differentiate, it is equally useful and accessible for everyone. It transcends all barriers and transcends the bars too. 

Yoga is being widely seen and accepted as an activity that increases the flexibility, strengthens the muscles, centres the thoughts, and relaxes & calms. But Yoga does all that and much more, the word itself being indicative of its power. Word Yog comes from Sanskrit word yuj which means to unite and refers to the integration of body, mind and soul- to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life. Yoga is a means of personal and spiritual development.  Realising the global appeal and importance of this supreme art, United Nations declared 21st June as International Yoga Day in 2014 which only adds to joy and pride of inheriting this 5000 year old and Antrakranti has always grabbed the occasion as an opportunity to bestow the prisoners the knowledge of the comprehensive and holistic methods of Yoga. 

Antarkranti celebrated the International Yoga Day 2018 with full fervour across  5  prisons .Exclusive Yoga Day sessions were organised at the following prisons across India:

  • District Jail, Kurukshetra.
  • Central Prison , Ambala
  • Central Prison, Varanas
  • District Jail Meerut
  • Central Prisons Tihar, Delhi

The sessions commenced with the practice of some warm up activities invoking flexibility which is crucial for a wholesome fitness. Yoga is equal parts strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. The relaxing body stretching session were followed by the demonstration and practice of various Yoga aasanas and Pranayams by DJJS preachers and volunteers. The effects and importance of each Aasan and Pranayam were explained too.

The sessions were also incorporated with interactive and counselling sessions conducted by DJJS preachers. The preachers consistently motivated the audience to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the practice of Yoga being an intrinsic part of it in order to reach the zenith of not only physical well-being but consciousness of soul and stability of mind. They also emphasized on the effectiveness of meditation and the significance of assimilating it in daily routine. Regular practice of Yoga and meditation helps the prisoners rise above the negativity prevailing in the prisons.

These sessions witnessed zealous participation of 1700  inmates who received a way to free themselves from the anguish and loneliness and were infused with a spirit of liveliness. These sessions were also graced by the presence of various eminent prison officials who could also been performing yogasans with equal enthusiasm.

The Yog shivirs culminated with the prison authorities appreciating Antarkranti for their various endeavours and floating the proposal for more such programs to be held.

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