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Bodh - the drug abuse eradication program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized programs of various genres in the month of November at different states of India.

Bodh organizes various activities against drug abuse in the month of November

Taking the taboo subject of drug misuse, the organization has been able to take it among the people so that they do not ignore the issue and understand the main causes and the effects of drug's consumption.

People were given education through the instrumentality of street shows, educative activities and one to one discussion at Dwarka and Karkardooma during the street show presentations.

Bodh organizes various activities against drug abuse in the month of November

At Ghaziabad and Agra, schools like JKG International School and Junior High School, Bodh team was invited to conduct a workshop where more than 780 students were trained on how to say no when one offers for experimenting with drugs.  More often than not due to lack of knowing the way to deny the proposal of experimenting with drugs and fear of being left out people especially students tend to experiment and get hooked with time.

Therefore enabling students on how to handle those situations is the easiest way to keep them prevented from such lethal habits. During the two open street programs held at Dwarka and Karkardooma, more than1240 people we're sensitized and given one to one and group counselling sessions.

The organization is rigorously working to make society a better and a drug free place to live in, join us if you also want to be a part of our endeavours.

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