Ditching the High- electricity, plastic intensive & polluting contemporary Diwali celebrations, DJJS has been annually celebrating pro- environmental, pro- prosperous, eco- friendly Diwali. Amidst the current COVID- 19 crisis, this eco- friendly statement becomes much more profound. The crisis & the resultant lockdown, has substantially proved how irresponsible & self- centered  human action has been the cause of environmental stress. These times of crisis raise a clarion call for Humanity to switch from unsustainable choices & lifestyles to sustainable ones.

Deepawali 2020 | DJJS Nurmahal Ashram marks Pro- environmental Diwali shines with 85000 Earthen Lamps

Against this backdrop, DJJS Nurmahal Ashram, made a pro- environmental statement by choosing traditional Indian pro- environmental modes of celebration. Deepawali is traditionally known as Deepotsav which literally means the festival of lighting deepaks i.e. Earthen Lamps. Going #vocal4local, the entire premise was lite up with 85000 handmade earthen lamps, in an absolutely traditional Indian style. Using of handmade diyas had a scientific pro- environmental value to it,  the ghee and mustard oil used in lighting the diyas were known to have  anti- bacterial, anti- viral impact cleansing the surrounding air. 

Another highlight of Diwali decorations are beautiful Rangolis. Ancient Indians, made huge rangolis of edible & biodegradable products like food based colors & flowers, which served as sumptuous meal for the micro- fauna post – decoration. Keeping up the tradition, every Deepawali, such innovative food- based options & herbal colors are used to make grand awareness generating Rangolis across the Ashram. In addition, abandoning the unsustainable plastic based decoratives, mantra of recycling was upheld in the decorations.

Deepawali 2020 | DJJS Nurmahal Ashram marks Pro- environmental Diwali shines with 85000 Earthen Lamps

Owing to COVID- 19 crisis, no formal celebration invitation was given to the people, yet a lot of environment enthusiasts, devotees & seekers marked their presence. An evening Deepawali special Poojan was organized in the ashram followed by a short socio- spiritual speech by Sadhvi Shreya Bharti Ji, ascetic disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

The initiative has been a trend- setter in the area, steering masses towards celebrating a Sustainable & Prosperous Deepawali.

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