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Emotions are of various kinds but the pure ones are those offered to god without expectation of any reciprocity. Such an act is called as Bhavanjali. A similar offering was made by Sadhvi Saumya Bharti Ji along with the trained musician disciples of H. H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji in the form of melodious devotional songs at Ambala (Haryana) on 30th December 2018. The concert was adorned with a spiritual lecture as well. The evening was witnessed by devotees from different corners of Ambala. Through the concert the real meaning of love was conveyed to the devotees present there.

Devotional Concert at Ambala, Haryana Revealed the Meaning of True Bhavanjali

Sadhvi Ji pointed out that though human relations are said to be based on love, however, such is not the case. Human love is never unconditional in nature since it stems from the need to survive at any cost. Hence, any expression of human love remains result oriented until the individual realizes the true purpose of life. For this to happen the grace and guidance of an awakened spiritual teacher (Guru) is absolute. A Guru opens the third eye of a human through the process of Brahm Gyan, and thereby, makes him/her aware of the impermanence of everything. The Guru aids the individual in establishing an unshakable contact with the universal consciousness. As a result, the person is able to reach the unending inner reservoir of wisdom. Consequently, his/her each action becomes Bhavanjali.

Devotional Concert at Ambala, Haryana Revealed the Meaning of True Bhavanjali

If we look around today, argued Sadhvi Ji, then, divine love arising from such an inner awakening is necessary more than ever. In today’s world, incorrect understanding of love is the reason people are able to commit horrendous crimes against one another. The sense of self, asserted Sadhvi Ji, is not in impressing others or being an exhibitionist but rather working toward creating a peaceful world and Brahm Gyan is an infallible solution for achieving the same. Hence, Sadhvi Ji urged the listeners to begin their inner journey through the attainment of divine knowledge. In this spiritual quest, assured Sadhvi Ji, the doors of DJJS will always remain open.

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