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The way wearing a façade of a rich man on stage doesn’t make us rich in real life similarly the coins of success and status in our wallet also leave us as mere effigies of a comfortable, relaxed and stress free life. The solutions which are derived from temporary things will also be ephemeral in nature. So Instead of living a temporary life, it is advised to lead a life of permanent bliss. With an attempt to connect people to the inner ocean of peace and bliss, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) organized a soulful devotional concert “Divya Naad” on 16th June, 2019 at Pathankot, Punjab with a theme “Divya Naad”.

Devotional Concert “Divya Naad” Acted as Harbinger of Peace & Tranquility at Pathankot, Punjab

A series of the devotional bhajans set the environment of serenity and prepared the ground to receive the spiritual thoughts much needed in today’s time. Melodious bhajans tuned the inner thoughts of audience and coloured them with the high spirits of devotion. 

Devotional Concert “Divya Naad” Acted as Harbinger of Peace & Tranquility at Pathankot, Punjab


Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji, the orator of the program and disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (convener and founder of DJJS) stated that in addition to discriminative power, wisdom demands highly developed patience power too. However, such an exalted state of quality management is the by-product of spirituality only. It guides us how to channelize and redirect mental energy into a positive direction. It involves the communion with our soul and produces the sparkling effect on our mental robes. However, such divine company can be achieved by the grace of a Perfect Master only who bestows upon us the direct perception of our soul while imparting the entire gamut of True Knowledge through which we can also hear the music of our inner world i.e. the music of divine that’s ever reverberating within us known as “Divya Naad or Anhad Naad”. Connecting to this vibration will tarnish the mental differences or duality which helps us to purify our mind and intellect, and thereby leading us to the ocean of peace and tranquility.

Direct experience of soul, the embodiment of supreme peace and eternal bliss, is the only way to relinquish the lower, negative traits and tendencies. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is a Perfect Master of this time and His continuous grace keeps showering over numerous disciples who have learnt the art of true meditation and explore their inner world instead of searching peace outside. The audience present at the program was overwhelmed by the spiritual aura of the place. The bountiful preaching was deeply inspiring.

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