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In a world filled with hatred, violence, corruption and all such other evils thriving under the garb of duality, mankind strives to bring changes by revolutionizing at social, economic, political, cultural or national level. All these revolutions fall short of the goal. However, the mother of all revolutions immortalized in history has been “Spiritual Revolution”. 

Devotional Concert 'Kranti Deep' Invigorated the Masses for a Divine Revolution in Amritsar, Punjab

Just as Shivaji Maharaj began his spiritual journey by seeking spiritual knowledge from Samarth Guru Ramdas in order to uplift himself and hence fight against outside evil of Mughal invaders in 17th century, similarly each and every one of us have to rise spiritually in order to establish truth and dharmic values in the society and conquer the rampant growth of evil.

His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is THE spiritual renaissance revolutionary Saint in today’s time, awakening each soul with Divine light and bringing about inner transformation within individual and thus society at large. In this endeavor Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, founded and headed by His Holiness, organized an event of Devotional Concert with theme of “Kranti Deep” on 17th March, 2019 at Amritsar, Punjab. The concert was filled with melodious bhajans full of inspirational meaningful lyrics, sung by team of devout preachers. Spiritual tunes united people, thereby broke bondages and enabled peace at core. The attendees could be seen dwelling in prodigious joy and inner zeal.

Devotional Concert 'Kranti Deep' Invigorated the Masses for a Divine Revolution in Amritsar, Punjab

The discourser of the event Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji & Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji articulated the meaning of true spirituality and transformation it can bring. This inner-revolution pertains to the positive changes in the heart, body, mind and soul, which in turn lead a man towards the charismatic persona with the right direction towards the purpose of life. This sort of pursuit is possible only by the eternal science of Brahm Gyan imparted by Perfect Master of time. A disciple then by following the commands of revered Master to best of capability ensures not to get drifted by the licentious proclivities of this mind and conceive the higher state leading to the Supreme.

The euphoric vibes of the concert elevated the wandering minds from the state of anguish or dismay. The event ended on note of optimism encouraging one and all to make a new beginning. Some of the dignitaries who marked their esteemed presence were:

1.Sh. Om Prakash Soni (Cabinet Minister Punjab Govt.)

2.Dr. Raj Kumar Verka (MLA West Amritsar & Chairman Ware House Punjab)

3.Sh. Sunil Dutty (MLA North Amritsar)

4.Sh. Inderbir Singh Bularia (MLA South Amritsar)

5. Sh. Sukhwinder Singh Danny (MLA Jandiala Guru Amritsar)

6.Sh. Ashwani Shekhri (Ex.MLA Batala)

7.Sh. Raman Bhahal (Chairman SS Road)

8.Sh. Rajinder Mohan Chheenr (Sen. Leader BJP)

9.Smt. Laxmi Kant Chawla (Ex.Minister Punjab Govt.)

10.Sh. Anil Joshi (Ex. Minister Punjab Govt.)

11.Sh. Rajesh Hunny (Spokesperson BJP Punjab)

12.Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma (EX MLA Amritsar)

13.Sh. Ramesh Chand Sharma (President Shree Durgiana Mandir)

14.Sh. S.K. Luthra (Rtd. Principal DAV School)

15.Sh. Sunil Gupta (Dhatri Mills Amritsar, Industrialist)

16.Sh. Ashwani Sharma (Advocate)

17.Sh. Aman Airy (Councilor)

 18.Sh. Harminder Singh Pintu (Councilor)

19.Sh. Vikas Soni (Councilor)

20.Sh. Surinder Duggal (President Chemist Association Punjab)

21.Sh. Prateep Sharma (Councilor)

22.Smt.Jatinder Sonia (Distt. City President Cong.)

23.Sh. Sudesh Lehri (Bollywood comedian)

24.Sh. Surinder Farishtra(comedian)

25.Sh. Munish Aggarwal (Industrialist)

26.Sh. Jasbir Singh (Rashtriya Sikh Sangat)

27.Sh. Akshay (Vibhag Parmukh RSS, Amritsar)

28.Sh. Susheel Bansal (Bansal sweet shop)

29.Sh. Raj Kumar Judo (EX State President BJP Sports Lell Punjab)

30.Smt. Anchal Mahajan (Ashok Vatika School)

31.Smt. Babita Jaiswal (Cashier BJP Amritsar)

32.Sh. Satish Ballu (Councilor)

33.Sh. Ravi (President Hanuman chalisa pariwar samiti)

34.Smt.Anjana Seth (Director Holly Heart School)

35.Sh. Suresh Kumar (Principal Manohar Vatika school)

36.Smt. Damanpreet Kaur (Principal American school)

37.Sh. Rajnish Sharma (Nijjar scan center)

38.Sh. Balwinder Singh (MLA Sri Hargovind, Gurdaspur)

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