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To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal. Devotion is an emotion which keep us stick to the goal and doesn’t allow the problem to defeat us. It is often quoted that “With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” This is not merely saying, thousands of devotees at DJJS are a live example of that where each one is attempting to remain connected with divinity by selfless service and utmost devotion.

Devotional Concert Planted Seeds of Inner Awakening in Sirhind, Punjab

In order to implant the highest level of devotion among the devotees, DJJS organized an event of Devotional Concert on 16th December 2018 at Sirhind, Punjab. The concert was based on the theme of “Bhaj Govindam”. Indian scriptures speak about the importance of chanting the true words with purest state of mind. Since it helps in boosting our aura along with purifying our minds & thoughts, hailing God’s name is truly a powerful tool to change our lives.

Devotional Concert Planted Seeds of Inner Awakening in Sirhind, Punjab

Many intellectuals, professionals and disciples marked their valuable presence in the event. The event commenced with the prayer at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna being a Protector of the World, is the most worshipped and beloved God among the devotees. The continuous series of devotional songs just made the audience felt so overwhelmed that they started showing their love for God through the devotion in their hearts and tears in their eyes. Inspiring lyrics along with heart-touching tunes successfully changed the direction of their thoughts and kept the audience plugged in to the divinity of the environment.

The spiritual orator of the event and the devoted disciple ‘Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji’ shared her invaluable divine experiences on the path of Spiritual Journey. She also elucidated how ‘Bhaj Govindam’ is helping and encouraging her to move forward towards Salvation. Audience was awestruck to know the experiences one can have on the divine path and understood the value of being bestowed with Divine Knowledge.

Disciples, guests, volunteers and preachers together under the Divine shade hailed the name of Lord Krishna and presented their heartfelt gratitude to lord for such a divine pleasant experience which kept their soul engaged and gave them the true direction in life to move forward with light of inner- awakening.

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