Furthering its commitment towards nature conservation, DJJS Jalandhar added another initiative to its ongoing tree plantation drive on 13 July 2014 at Vidhipur Ashram, Amritsar bypass road, Jalandhar. Over 300 people from Jalandhar city participated and benefitted from the event.

Over the past 50 years, rapid urbanisation has severally taken toll of the forests, as a consequence climatic and ecological systems have seen complete disruption. With each passing year, the climatic discrepancies are growing; the year 2014 has already witnessed record breaking summer temperatures. In addition, the monsoon in 2014 has been predicted to be below average and nation has been put on drought alert. The alarming climate conditions demand quick environmental repair and restoration actions.

Swami Sajjanand Ji, preacher DJJS Jalandhar shared, that in wake of urgent action demanded for nature conservation, DJJS Jalandhar, under its Nature Conservation Program, Sanrakshan, is persistently working with the urban communities in Jalandhar, sensitizing, inspiring and engaging in environmental action. He said, “Our idea is not just to plant trees, but we are working on building compassion within human hearts towards nature”. After an enlightening awareness generation session on ‘need for conservation action’, men, women and children came together to sown saplings of plants like neem, pipal, tulsi, guava etc.

Mr. Sudhir Kapur from Chitra NGO, Mr. Tilak Raj Arora, Dist general secretary BJP Jalandhar, Mr. Karan Kumar, lecturer, Mr. Javed Kumar, retd. Principal were some of the special guests who were present at the event to mark their concern towards nature.

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