Identifying trees as the pivot of healthy agro- ecosystems, DJJS Nurmahal undertook a rigorous tree plantation drive planting around 28000 saplings in and around the area. The annual tree plantation exercise this year focused on restoring the denuded patches in the area with plantation of locally grown medicinal and fruit producing trees like Neem, Bahera, Kaner, Peepal, Chukrasia, Gulabi Tun, Jamun, Litchi and pomegranate etc.

DJJS Nurmahal determined to replenish the green cover of Earth

Over the years, especially in the last decade, nature has suffered acute exploitation by man in the form of deforestation and heedless use of resources, which has severely impacted the environmental health. Any efforts made for the good of the planet would go futile if people are not involved in it. Hence, to offset all wrong done to the planet, individuals must act environmentally responsibly. Bearing the same in mind, DJJS Nurmahal also mobilized communities this year towards the green movement with an intention to connect people to the nature & foster environmental sensitivity in them, so that they act as caretakers of the trees, and stay committed towards making the planet green.

Trees act as life supporters to human beings, purify the air, maintain ecological balance, and serve as habitat to fauna. To reciprocate to their selflessness, , the centre undertook a unique initiative on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, where the ascetic disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, tied threads of love and care to the trees while taking a pledge to protect them. the preachers tied Rakhi to them.

DJJS Nurmahal determined to replenish the green cover of Earth

DJJS Nurmahal undertook a similar tree plantation drive last year whereby thousands of trees were planted across the city. The branch is committed to restore the city's lost green cover, for which it will continue to set up and achieve new tree plantation targets every year, as it has always been doing for the past few years.

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