Nepal: The disaster management program – Samadhan, of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is committedly engaged in supplying relief material, health services and psychological support in order to provide humanitarian assistance to cope up with the damage and loss occurred during Nepal earthquake.

DJJS Samadhan respites quake-ravaged Nepal victims

25th April, a day that had started with a usual normalcy where students were walking down lanes to reach to their schools, women performing household chores, shopkeepers were busy selling their products, but one moment changed everyone’s action and reaction. It was the moment when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the land of Nepal; put everyone’s head over their heels.

DJJS Samadhan respites quake-ravaged Nepal victims

The Planet earth, warmly known as mother earth, gives love to each of its dweller. But like how every child in a house gets traumatized when a mother gets angry, similarly natural catastrophe like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornado, landslides etc. represent the anger of mother earth when it is disturbed, misbalanced, over used or abused.

At these most sensitive moments, timely provision of food and non-food items (tarps, buckets, blankets etc.) should be the first action for damage control. But, most importantly, emotional support is the key that accentuates the relief work because it helps in managing personal anguish, emotional trauma and stress.

Therefore, through its brigade of dedicated volunteers, DJJS Samadhan is not only reaching out to difficult areas or evacuating victims but also giving them the strength to endure these difficult situations of life through spiritual counseling and personal support.

The program is efficaciously mobilizing services in the plains of Nepal thereby executing its rescue operations and relief work on the hills that have been badly stabbed by the earthquake; phase I of which was conducted in villages such as kalyanpur, lakshmipur, vishnupur, arnama and banimiya of Siraha district for two consecutive days.

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