Standing together against the biggest issue of the century, DJJS branches across India observed Earth hour on March 24, 2018 by switching off all unnecessary lights to sensitize common man of the impact Climate Change is making in their lives every day.

DJJS Sanrakshan goes 60+ on Earth Hour, educates people and organizes meditation to spiritually re-energize Mother Earth

Unnoticeable for years, the issue has finally gained global attention; however, is still waiting for individual response. The common man, on the other hand, is far away from reality, owing to ignorance and lack of will to learn. Despite being a witness to the changes, the misconception about the issue to be global and not personal keeps them unmotivated to take action.

Addressing the need of the hour, DJJS Sanrakshan takes the issue to the common man by observing Earth hour+ at its all branches across India. Prior to the event, some branches undertook an awareness rally & presented Nukkad natak, and some handed over memorandum to few eminent people of their respective areas and appealed to support for the cause. At DJJS centres, various lights were switched off during the Earth hour, and a day-long meditation session (specifically from 8:30-9:30 pm) was organized to let people introspect their actions and also, re-energize Mother Earth with spiritual vibes. It is said that meditation plays a great role in generating positive impact on the environment, from which all living-beings benefit, and if a large number of people meditate, the impact can be tremendous. Bearing this in mind, Earth hour was commemorated at pan-India level by DJJS Sanrakshan.

DJJS Sanrakshan goes 60+ on Earth Hour, educates people and organizes meditation to spiritually re-energize Mother Earth

The programs saw participation from people of all age groups, including children, youth, middle-aged and aged. Moreover, through various informative presentations and videos, the concerned preachers of DJJS branches across India apprised people about how selfless Mother Earth give us everything that she has, and in return humans only exploit it. They also explained them that contribution of each person counts; hence, as responsible individuals of society, we all should contribute our bit to protect the planet. The program ended with all the participants taking pledge to stand against climate change.

Here is the glimpse of programs undertaken by DJJS Sanrakshan across India on the occasion of Earth Hour:

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