On 26 March 2016 DJJS was invited by Rotary Club at the annual district conference ‘Uphaar’ at Nirvana Club, Ludhiana. Around 300 delegates from Punjab, Chandigarh, Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh were present at the venue. The conference was headed by K K Dhir, District Governor, Rotary Club. Chief guest Hon’ble Suresh Arora, Governor Punjab in his speech addressed some keen social issues faced by the state and nation at large. Environment concern was high on agenda in the conference. Sadhvi Parma Bharti, Representative of DJJS, in her thought provoking and interactive presentation laid out the apt formula to conserving the environment. She exquisitely explained the ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards mother earth needs to be replaced with the ‘I am aware and I care’ sentiment. The sure shot formula towards an eco-friendly environment is to connect to consciousness to re-establish the harmony between man and nature.

The members present at the event not only resonated with the subject with their attentive interaction but also put forth their queries at the end of the conference. This was attested with the standing ovation that was given by the erudite audience. The Rotarians commended DJJS for its selfless and relentless work towards the society.

DJJS Sanrakshan invited at Rotary Club Annual District Conference UPHAAR

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