5 June 2015, 43rd World Environment Day yet again called upon the global community to act firm for the conservation of environment. Internationally the theme for the day was,

DJJS Sanrakshan REBUILD’s human- nature relationship on World Environment Day 2015

Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.

DJJS Sanrakshan REBUILD’s human- nature relationship on World Environment Day 2015

Air, water, food, clothing, shelter, luxury planet earth gives us all. However, the giving has a limit owing to the limited resource base of the planet. Changing consumption patterns and the humongous 7 billion consumer base further limits the giving capacity of the planet. Rapidly running out of its resources, the earth stands poor today and life becomes more and more challenging each day.

Therefore, WED 2015 was a global appeal to 7 billion residents of the planet to watch their needs and greed and head from their current careless consumption patterns to Consumption with CARE.

CARE for the fulfilment of fellow beings,

CARE for the fulfilment of animals,

CARE for the fulfilment of plants,

CARE for the fulfilment of natural processes,

CARE not for self but for one and all

Consume with CARE for planet earth.


 His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, a true conservationist, head & founder of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, often taking about Nature conservation says, “The cause of nature conservation will find its completeness only in the conservation of the fading human- nature relationship”. Each time, humanity has lived eras of fulfilment and prosperity, the human- nature bond of compassion has been the foundation. Whenever this care  has been replaced by self – interest, planet has witnessed devastation. World Environment day comes as an essential reminder to steer humanity yet again towards sustainable living.


DJJS Nature Conservation Program , working for almost a decade now to re- instil this much needed care in the human- nature relationship, launched a special pan- India REBUILD CAMPAIGN on the occasion of WED 2015.


REBUILD Campaign was all about reconnecting human with nature through integration of 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in daily living practices. Through Rebuild Workshops, awareness desks and awareness rallies the 15 day campaign steered thousands of people urban, rural; men, woman and children on the path of pro- environmental living. From old paper to old t-shirts, to bulbs, plastic bottles Sanrakshan taught to reuse and recycle them all into innovative home utility products and left them inspired to use the 3 R’s in their daily living.

Here are moments of pro- environmental engagement activities undertaken by various DJJS branches across the country under the Rebuild Campaign.


DJJS Phagwara, Punjab

DJJS Phagwara took Rebuild Campaign to Mehli Village reconnecting local woman and children with Mother Nature. Walking through the  village bylanes and raising slogans of nature conservation, woman and children took the message of conservation to one and all. A special Rebuild Karyshala was organised following the awareness walk, wherein participants were sensitized on use of 3 R's in daily life and practical methods of reusing old products was also organized for local woman.


DJJS Abohar, Punjab

DJJS Abohar undertook sensitization through a special awarness generation walkand rebuild awareness counter. Over 200 people including men, women and children were set on the path of reduce, reuse and recycle. Rebuild counter demonstrated reuse of waste products into interesting home use items. Rebuilding the human- nature relationship, the program culminated with distribution of saplings as a symbol of human- nature interconnectedness.


DJJS Patiala, Punjab

DJJS Patiala used street theatre and poster exhibition as the mode of sensitizing masses on the issue of environment. The play and following enlightening lecture primarily emphasised the importance of tree plantation in nature conservation. Sh. Bhagwan Dass Juneja, a renowned social worker and Sh. P.D. Gupta (Retired Engineer) were the guest of honor who graced the occasion with their presence. The program came to a close with sapling distribution.


DJJS Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

DJJS Shimla undertook the Rebuild Workshop for girls of Rajikiy Kanya Varisht Madhyamik Pathshala. In the workshop the girls were taught how to reuse old t-shirts and make trendy bags, how to make beautiful pen- stands and newspaper holders out of newspapers. The activity session was followed by a sensitizing lecture on the need to adopt pro- environmental living for nature conservation.


DJJS Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The young environmentalists of DJJS Jodhpur took to the parks setting up REBUILD Awareness Counters and floor exhibitions to sensitize the masses on the issue of environment and steer them on the path of pro- environmental living. Through demonstrations and posters, the concept of 3R’s was explained to men, women and children.

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