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In a poignant demonstration of transformative education, DJJS Manthan SVK, a beacon of enlightenment for the underprivileged, orchestrated a significant annual review meeting from 4th to 6th January 2024 at village Jamunikala, Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh, followed by another enlightening visit on 8th and 9th January 2024 at village Bakraur, Bodhgaya, Bihar. The Head Office Team of Manthan SVK, DJJS, spearheaded this initiative, marking a harmonious convergence of minds dedicated to the noble cause of holistic education.

From Classrooms to Communities: DJJS Manthan SVK Annual Review Uplifts Lives | Bihar & Uttar Pradesh

During this thorough review, Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji, Program Coordinator, along with Sadhvi Neha Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Renu Bharti Ji, and Volunteer Mrs. Monica Chetal, from the Head Office Team conducted a meticulous evaluation of the classes, ensuring the quality and efficacy of the educational modules. The teachers, the custodians of knowledge, were further enriched through specialized training sessions, fostering an environment where pedagogical excellence could flourish.

One of the program highlights was the Sanskarshala Session, an invaluable initiative of Manthan SVK DJJS, wherein the students imbibed essential life skills like proper handwashing techniques, personal hygiene, and moral values. Engaging activities, exercises and shloka recitations, became delightful tools to instill values and nurture character development.

From Classrooms to Communities: DJJS Manthan SVK Annual Review Uplifts Lives | Bihar & Uttar Pradesh

In a gesture of support and encouragement, DJJS Manthan-SVK distributed school bags, water bottles, stationary items, and school jackets as uniform, ensuring that the students are well-equipped for their educational journey. The night resonated with warmth and camaraderie as the bonfire activity unfolded, where students, immersed in the glow of devotional songs, danced joyfully, fostering team and peer bonding.

The initiative extended beyond the classroom walls, with the Head Office Team engaging in meaningful dialogues with the village community, particularly the ladies and children. This inclusive approach aimed to identify challenges faced by the community and explore collaborative solutions, creating a transformative ripple that echoes the essence of holistic education.

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