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In the society, two parallels are running simultaneously, on one hand we hear the news of our armies getting sacrificed on boundaries in order to save the country but at the same time news of youth dying due to overdose of drugs is also doing the rounds. These parallels are not just two directions but it also shows the split of thoughts that our society is going through.

'Get consumed for your country not by Drugs' - Rally organized to pay tribute on Martyrdom Day at SBS Nagar

In order to provide a direction and motivation on how to lead a drug free life and also to pay tribute to the recent martyrs of phulwama attack, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sasnsthan made a clarion call to the youth by the youth to show their stand and support for the Indian defence armies. In order to communicate the same, a rally was conducted at SBS Nagar carrying various pla cards studded with anti-drugs slogans and patriotic quotations.

Various eminent guests flagged off the rally like Vineet Kumar - SDM, SBS Nagar, Gurikbal Kaur Babli- Ex. MLA, Lalit Mohan Pathak - Head Counsel and Dr. Kamaljeet – Councillor and motivated the participants and the august audience over their views on drug abuse and the society.

'Get consumed for your country not by Drugs' - Rally organized to pay tribute on Martyrdom Day at SBS Nagar

The rally started from Vishkarma temple and covered the 10 kilometer long passages of Nehru Chowk, Railway Road, Dana Mandi, Geeta Bhawan Road, Dr. Ambedkar Chowk, Bus Stand, Chandigarh Chaowk, Kulam Road, Chandigarh Road and reaches back to Vishvkarma Temple.

Various other eminent guest who showed their gracious presence were Parshad tehsildar Arvind Prakash Verma Ji, Mr.Yashpal, Mr. Shankar Duggal, Mr. Rajan Arora, Mr. Manish Jain, Mr. Ram Malhotra, Mr. Satish Aohri, Ashok Verma, Mahesh Datta and dignatries of Vishvkarma Temple trust.

More than 12,000 people were given the info about the rally’s subject through counselling sessions, pamphlet distribution and mini skit presentations. The event was covered by various print media houses and electronic media houses.

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