As the sun illuminates the world, Guru illuminates the inner world of the devotees. Lord Krishna illuminated the inner world of the humankind in Dwapara Yuga. Krishna Katha organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan on 28 Sep to 02 Oct 2016 shed light on the spiritual enlightenment that Lord Krishna brought about for the benefit of the people of that Era. That   bright light continues to shine, even today and leaves deep impact on the people in this Kali Yuga. Those who have been blessed with the Third Eye, experience sublimation through the Divine Light and dwell in the bliss of celestial love. The program of Krishna Katha held at Ambala (Haryana) was a soul-stirring experience for the audience and many of them had the practical experience of Divine Light in their inner world. So to say, the Katha opened the path for their spiritual progress.  

Guiding the Devotees towards Lord's Light: Shri Krishna Katha, Haryana

Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji explained the salient features of the Katha and handled the delicate theme admirably, interspersed with present day secular examples, to enable the audience to understand the key messages of Lord Krishna revealed through His divine plays. Sadhvi made a categorical assertion that God’s actions are meant to direct the humankind back to Godhood. Right from childhood to adulthood, Lord Krishna influenced people and enabled them to get rid of the evils that were hindering them from adopting the righteous way of life. He is the epitome of love, virtue, sacrifice, and divinity. He infuses enthusiasm, courage, and light within His devotees and enables them to progress on the right path.

Guiding the Devotees towards Lord's Light: Shri Krishna Katha, Haryana

The world today desperately needs a Guru like Lord Krishna, who does not deliver verbal reports on spirituality but kindles spirituality in the inner world of an individual by imparting practical  experience of Light, that otherwise remains dormant. He provides tangible solutions to the confused minds.

The pages of human history daubed in bloodshed ask the crying question. How to make this Planet Earth peaceful and heaven like? How to liberate humankind engulfed in evils practices from all ends? We all sincerely pray that it is Time for the Lord to manifest and come to the rescue of the pious from the clutches of evil forces. Religious practice in its purest form must be upheld   and nobility of spiritual values needs to be reestablished.

The Organization conducted this event with the benign grace of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The teachings of Lord Krishna’s Era were imparted to the audience through the spiritual discourses, by providing relevant examples, as to how they are relevant in the current context also.  Moreover, Sadhvi owns the benefit of practical experience of Lord’s divine plays within her inner world through perennial meditation, on being blessed with Brahm Gyan by the benign grace of His Holiness.  

The organization extends a cordial invitation to one and all to experience the Divine Light and enjoy peace that gushes from within and be the willing partners in spreading the Divine message throughout the world.

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