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Every aspect of Nature turns ecstatic and bountiful wherever the name and glory of lord is being sung. The atmosphere was filled with beatific vibes at Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized 5-day Shri Krishna Katha at Amritsar, Punjab; from 1st - 5th March 2023. Under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS is tirelessly working towards developing each individual’s character into a spiritual dynamo and thus building foundation of peaceful World.

Shri Krishna Katha exhorted devotees of Amritsar, Punjab to shun materialism & seek eternal knowledge

Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji, eloquently narrated the deep spiritual secrets ingrained in plays and character of Lord Krishna. The Program commenced with holy prayer at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, accompanied by melodious bhajans composed with utmost devotional spirit, it engulfed devotees in divine state. Such divine music instilled minds of audience to realize the importance of spiritual pursuit in life and how materialistic achievements are secondary.

Sadhvi Ji explained that the Incarnation of Supreme in the human garb has long been a subject matter of curiosity as to when and how Lord descends on earth amongst human beings. Whom shall Lord actually reveals thy true form, and how can a seeker or devotee of Lord identify thee in human garb. We all know the birth of Lord Krishna took place to end the adharma of Kansa and other demons but least we know the real reason why Lord was impelled to descend on earth, was on account of vehement heartfelt prayers from large part of humanity, finding no other way to break the shackles of tormentors and persecutors. Lord incarnates out of his immense love for his devotees upon their calling. Moreover, Lord innately reveals his truth to those who surrender to him by seeking the divine knowledge and not the worldly pleasures.

Shri Krishna Katha exhorted devotees of Amritsar, Punjab to shun materialism & seek eternal knowledge

Furthermore, our seers suggest the epoch changing incarnation of Lord is to dawn upon earth a new peaceful era which touches upon scores of souls and it is the rarest of the rare opportunity bestowed by Lord to choose the path of eternal devotion and selfless service towards his mission, in the process attain the ultimate goal of this human birth i.e Salvation.

Sadhvi Ji then emphasised that kingdom of God resides within each one of us and is revealed to us with the moment of awakening as in case of Arjuna when Lord Krishna bestows him with same Knowledge and he sees the elementary form of God – light within. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the enlightened perfect master and is instrumental to light up innumerable souls with this benign grace, helping them achieve their highest spiritual potential. Such millions of awakened disciples are living proof of righteousness and the bliss that is achievable in this birth only and with the grace of Satguru.

The katha program was evidently a huge success with tons of devotees filling up the venue each day with enthusiasm in their hearts and glee in their eyes. Many seekers were initiated in the science of Brahm Gyan and pledged to contribute towards healthy society which involves not only changing the outside world but their own self.

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