Kamdhenu project, first of its kind, is an initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) which aims at preservation, breed improvement and creating awareness regarding use of Indian breed of cows. Apart from social and spiritual initiative, it is more of a scientific research project where many innovations are being conducted both at national and international levels. Though started on small scale, this project has slowly turned new grounds for research and breed improvement, not only for Sansthan, but world at large. It has come a long way since then as the program has gained traction amongst scientist, agriculturist and political class. It has not only addressed professionals, researchers but also enthusiasts all over the world.

Kamdhenu Gaushala Felicitated by Punjab Govt. for being Judged as The Best in India

Kamdhenu Gaushala is honored by the Indian Government as the best Gaushala of India on June 1, 2017. On this achievement, Punjab Govt. felicitated the institution located in their state of Punjab. Speaking on the occasion, officers of the animal rearing arm of the Govt. said that it is indeed an honour for Punjab to have Kamdhenu Gaushala on its land. This Gaushala has not been a beneficiary just for the people of Punjab but has highlighted Punjab on the world’s map.

Kamdhenu Gaushala Felicitated by Punjab Govt. for being Judged as The Best in India

The officials said that the project is a “LIVE” demonstration of dedication, love and scientific acumen of the people preserving the rear breed. DJJS’s contribution to preserve almost extinct breed of Sahiwal cows has become exemplary now which can’t be ignored by anyone. All the farmers who are rearing Sahiwal breed of cows were also invited in the event.

While accepting the honour, DJJS officials thanked the Govt. and said that these awards will further inspire people to work in the direction of rearing Indian breed. He appreciated the first step taken by Govt. in this direction.

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