Kamdhenu's noble efforts towards raising indigenous breed of cows & bulls


In an endeavour to multiply & increase the Hariana breed of Indigenous cows, Kamdhenu Gaushala Delhi has been working rigiorously on it's breeding program. Being the native tract of Haryana State, Delhi NCR & Western UP, Hariana breed is an important dual purpose (milch & draught) breed whose population has been declining  which is a great loss not only to  livestock asset of the country but also to this specie & biodiversity. However, Kamdhenu Delhi Team is proud to have elite Hariana breed cows, bulls & it's progeny in the farm herd. So, let's come together and propagate this Indigenous breed of cows for a better tomorrow.

About Kamdhenu

In the Indian spiritual and religious texts, cow has been extremely revered and Kamdhenu Gaushala under the guidance of founder Shri Ashutosh Maharaj is working for conservation and propagation of this hol

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