As thousands of devotees of Lord Jaganath joined the Annual Jaganath Rath Yatra on Saturday, 19 Dec 2015, MEMR Ludhiana Nature Conservators took opportunity to sow the seeds of compassion for Mother earth in these hearts brimming with faith. Holding sensitizing posters and placards and raising slogans of conservation, MEMR Nature conservators and student members of Sanrakshan city brigade stood throughout the day motivating people to shoulder their much needed environmental responsibility.

MEMR Ludhiana turns Jaganath Rath Yatra into an ECO- AWARENESS YATRA

Young environmentalists clad in sea green t-shirts went to each one passing the DJJS Sanrakshan Canopy and handed over the message of environment conservation. Awestruck by the dedication of these youngsters several stopped by acknowledging the good effort of the organisation. “I came with faith but thanks to these Nature Conservators I am taking back stronger faith plus my responsibility towards Mother Nature”, said an all enthused devotee.

MEMR Ludhiana turns Jaganath Rath Yatra into an ECO- AWARENESS YATRA

The fervour and show of rallies mostly ends with dirty and littered roads having a huge environmental impact, DJJS Nature conservators made it a point to sensitize the devotees on No litter No wastage and extend their true reverence at the lotus feet of their lord who has given us this beautiful earth and all the resources.

My Earth My Responsibility, state- of – art environment awareness campaign of DJJS Nature Conservation Program Sanrakshan, since past one and half year, has been taking different modes to sensitize people of Ludhiana and steer them on the path of sustainability. Thousands of people have joined the campaign and are working towards steering Ludhiana towards being an environmentally responsible city in their own small but effective ways.

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