Ludhiana. Evening of 22 March 2015, wasn’t a usual hangout Sunday evening for residents of Ludhiana. The young and dedicated Nature conservators of Sanrakshan led My Earth My responsibility campaign marched into the Kartar Singh Sarabha Nagar Main Market, to remind the Sunday shoppers the significance of the day marked internationally as WORLD WATER DAY.

MEMR troupe campaigns for

Holding blue buckets and water sensitization posters the MEMR troupe walked through the busy market lanes raising slogans like ‘nahi chalegi, nahi chalegi paani ki barbaadi nahi chalegi’ to promote the PAN- India ‘SAVE EVERY DROP OF LIFE drive undertaken by Sanrakshan to commemorate World Water Day 2015.

MEMR troupe campaigns for

Men, woman and children busy shopping and hanging out, came out of the shops and joined the walk to express their support for saving water. Others flocked at the special Water Sensitization Exhibition and awareness desk to share their water concerns. During this 3 hr sensitization effort, over 5000 people including the shopkeepers were sensitized.

“Water is the substratum in which life sprouted out, however today we are in a state of water crisis, everyday women have to walk for 6kms carrying buckets on their head, the reason we are holding these buckets is to iterate the plight to those woman, the reason Sanrakshan is campaigning for water is because when we waste water several are left deprived of life, Save every drop of life”, said an MEMR volunteer, associated with Sanrakshan Ludhiana since the inception of the campaign.

The exhibition was specifically a hit with children; they actually anchored even their parents to the counter. Several of them took special commitments to conserve water with Sanrakshan and expressed their interest in volunteering for the same.

DJJS Sanrakshan, has been annually marking World Water Day since the very inception of the program across its wide network of branches. This year under the theme of “SAVE EVERY DROP OF LIFE” Sanrakshan undertook different sensitization initiatives. Stay with us as we share events on WORLD WATER DAY 2015 throughout this week. HAPPY WATER SAVING!

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