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Today's stressful and toxic atmosphere causes our bodies and minds to accumulate pollutants, which can lead to a number of ailments and eventually harm one's health. The goal of Ayurveda is not to cure diseases, but to strengthen the body so that the body should remain healthy and to cure diseases with medicines with no side effects.

Panchakarma, an ancient therapy to make the body healthy

The ultimate Ayurvedic method of body purification is panchakarma. Panchakarma is a technique for removing all unwanted waste from the body.

In December 2022, DJJS Aarogya provided its cutting-edge panchakarma services to 62 patients at its Delhi and Punjab centres.

Panchakarma, an ancient therapy to make the body healthy

Following are the services available at these centers: 

● Vamana Karma  ● Virechana Karma  ● Nasya Karma  ● Patra  Pinda Sweda (Full Body)  ● Basti (Jaanu Basti, Uro Basti, Greeva basti, Kati basti)  ● Shirodhara Kriya  ● Sarvanga Abhyanga  ● Shashtishali Potli Sweda  ● Sarvanga Tel Dhara  ● Shiro Abhyanga + Shiro Pichu  ● Akshi Tarpana  ● Sarvanga Vashpa Sweda  ● Nadi Sweda

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