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The youth volunteers of DJJS carried out a Peace Rally on 16th December 2018, with regard to the upcoming Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagya; an event to be held at Naranpura (Gujarat) from 23rd December, 2018 - 29th December, 2018. The volunteers held spiritually uplifting posters, and made unanimous call for spiritual advancement of humans. Their enthusiastic sloganeering gathered the attention of the local people about the necessity of having an enlightened mind for re-establishment purity in existing society. Through their bike rally, the volunteers conveyed to the audience the need for a sound body-mind-soul connection. A connection which is possible only if the inner voice is followed. For that to happen, the rally asserted that an individual has to be in contact with the universal consciousness. This contact can only be performed by the grace of an awakened spiritual Master (Guru); a Master who not only has himself witnessed such an inner experience but is also completely capable of making any person witness the same.

Peace Rally at Ahmedabad, Gujarat-The Unanimous Call by DJJS Youth Volunteers for Spiritual Advancement

 With enlightenment, a person is able to make decisions that not only benefit oneself, but the entire world as well. However, an individual has to first seek a True Master and then ardently walk the spiritual path. Constant connection is required with the universal consciousness for a meaningful growth of a person. A Guru gives all techniques and tools to the seeker to remain consistent on to the spiritual path. With the help of Guru, a seeker achieves spiritual advancement which otherwise may take a long time if done alone. Moreover, the power to discern can never be attained without guidance. Hence, the rally conveyed the message that we all need to abandon attachments to worldly enjoyments and seek a Guru who can bring permanent state of serenity in our lives. A state of tranquillity which will empower us to live a socially and culturally relevant life.

Peace Rally at Ahmedabad, Gujarat-The Unanimous Call by DJJS Youth Volunteers for Spiritual Advancement

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