“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

Sanrakshan inculcating pro- environmental values among school kids in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
-Mahatma Gandhi


Sanrakshan inculcating pro- environmental values among school kids in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi encapsulates the crux of current environment crisis. It is the ever rising greed of man which has driven the planet to this state of complete devastation.

However, the story of environment degradation has been preceded by a long standing erosion of environmental values from the human value system. To achieve tangible and long-lived nature conservation, re-instilling pro- environmental values stands as essential.

Addressing the same DJJS Sanrakshan, under its environment advocacy workshops, organised its ‘know your environment’ workshop for students and staff of Pragati School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 100 students from class 5 to 8 participated in the workshop.

The idea of the workshop was to educate students about the vital connection which exists between man and nature. Sadhvi environmental experts of DJJS Gujarat used local dialect to discuss the current environmental problem and communicate the holistic idea of environment to the children.

Environmental education is not just about laying theoretical connections of use between man and nature. In fact, the idea of environmental education reaches its completeness when it sparks lasting compassion towards nature. ‘Know your environment workshop’ of DJJS is specifically crafted using socio- spiritual tools, to sow the seeds of compassion within children.  

The receptivity of the students was evident in the posters they made during the poster- making sessions. From the current state of environment to ideal state of a conserved, ever nourished mother earth, children said it all through their drawings. The workshop culminated with a promise of working consciously towards conserving mother earth and motivating others to do the same.

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