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Sanskarshala is one of its kind monthly workshops that are organized for children aged 4 to 12 years by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s (DJJS) holistic education program Manthan Sampoorna Vikas Kendra (SVK). The theme for September month’s workshop was Sanskritik Sanskarshala. Through these workshops, DJJS Manthan SVKs have been inculcating moral and ethical values in children. Learning starts young and the overall holistic development in children prepares them to be better citizens for the future.

Sanskritik Sanskarshala - Instilling Traditions and Cultural Values in Children | September, 2023 | DJJS Manthan SVK

In the month of September 2023, 50 Sanskritik Sanskarshalas were conducted that benefited approximately 3359 children across all the globally located DJJS branches as well as in various schools in our country namely, Sacred Heart School in Dibrugarh, Assam, Saraswati Shishu Mandir and Vidya Mandir Junior High School in Bageshwar and Saraswati Shishu Mandir in Danya Pithoragarh,

Sanskritik Sanskarshala workshops were initiated with group chanting and meditation by DJJS Preachers and DJJS Manthan SVK volunteers which created a divine ambience for children attending the sessions. Bharat’s culture is among the world’s oldest, accommodating incredible cultural diversity between languages, geographic regions, religious traditions and social stratifications. However, there are common themes and principles that contribute to the values, attitudes, beliefs and norms of the dominant society. Bharat has been very progressive in several fields such as agricultural expansions and technological advancements in infrastructure, science and engineering which are sources of pride. Moreover, a considerable amount of pride stems from Bharat's rich artistic cultural exports of music, fine arts, literature and spirituality. At DJJS Manthan SVK, we not only help children to grow their intellectual abilities but also become more aware morally and ethically which acts as a strong support system.

Sanskritik Sanskarshala - Instilling Traditions and Cultural Values in Children | September, 2023 | DJJS Manthan SVK

Sanskritik Sanskarshala workshop sessions began with simple yet mind-grabbing creative activities wherein children explored the various forms of addressing people with respect in different languages. The traditional practices, beliefs that play a pivotal role in shaping character building in children. The various forms of food and dance that form an essential part of culture were taught through fun activities and presentations. Children thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and discovered that cultural practices start right from their homes. Children understood the importance of family following traditions and how it acts as a support system in building their identity. This also helps the students to be proud and connect to their culture and appreciate where they come from. Through such workshops, children learn to respect elders, continue to uphold their traditions, and maintain the values passed on from generations. From ancient times, Bharat has always been famous for its traditions and hence the saying, “unity in diversity”. The warmth of people and euphoric celebrations makes our country so special. Bharat’s culture has a vibrancy of all sorts and our country is an example of tolerance, cooperation, secularism, coexistence, and social bonding with one another. Hence every aspect of our culture has varied layers attached to it that makes it unique.

With workshops like these children are made aware that they can make a huge impact on the society they live in and become morally responsible to build safer and better communities. On that note, the workshops concluded with the chanting of shanti mantra and prayers. Everyone paid their humble salutations unto the lotus feet of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

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