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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) a non- government, non-profit and a leading Socio- Spiritual Organization, headed and founded by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a Devotional Concert on 4th November 2018 at Hoshiarpur, Punjab. ‘Bhaj Govindam’ was the theme of the concert and Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji was the orator.

Secret of Divine Peace Unleashed at the Devotional Concert in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

All the Holy Scriptures unanimously reiterate the fact that ‘Peace comes from within, not without’. Nothing happens without the Divine’s consent. All the challenges and difficulties that we encounter in life have a purpose and that Higher Power will not throw something at us, that we do not have the capacity to endure and overcome. If one perseveres and keeps one’s faith, one will pass all these tests and will emerge a way better person.  

The event was a beautiful amalgamation of Krishna bhajans, citing events from His inspiring life journey followed by Sadhvi Ji’s beautiful explanation of the lessons embedded in them. Sadhvi emphasized on Lord Krishna’s love for cows, which is why He is also called ‘Govardhan’. The concert very beautifully depicted the different facets of the Lord Krishna’s character, which left the audiences’ soaked in devotion and mesmerized. 

Secret of Divine Peace Unleashed at the Devotional Concert in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

The event was marked by the gracious presence of many eminent personalities, which included  Dr Raj Kumar - MLA, Mr Arun Dogra- MLA, Mr Pawan Adiya- MLA, Mr Avinash Rai Khanna- National Vice President (BJP), Mr Tikshan Sood- Ex Minister Punjab Government, Mr Shiv Sood- Mayor, Mr Elanchzechian Jayabalan- IPS (SSP- Hoshiarpur), Mr Sahil Sampla- Son of Sh. Vijay Sampla- MOS Government of India, Mr Sunny Sharma- Punjab President BJP Yuva Morcha, Mr Nitin Gupta Nannu –Vice President BJP Yuva Morcha Punjab, Mr Sanjiv Talwar (Ex. Chairman Youth Development Board Punjab), Mr Munish Gupta- Industrialist, Mr S.K. Pombra- Sonalika International Tractors, Mr B.S. Jaswal- Century Plywood, Mr S. Balbir Singh Bhatti- SP Hoshiarpur, Mr Arun Kohli- DSP Hoshiarpur, Dr Rajeshwar Sood- IMA President, Mr Gopi Chand Kapoor- President Vyapar Mandal, Meenu Sethi- Counselor, Neeti Talwar- Counselor, Mr Nishi Modi- MD Modi Hospital and Suman Gulati- Principal –Toddlers’ Home School.

The entire ambience of the event left everyone present spiritually uplifted and inspired. The holy message that ‘Eternal peace can be achieved by Divine Knowledge’ came across very wonderfully. Everyone was all praises about DJJS’s social and spiritual endeavors, which are bringing about a positive change in the society. Overall the concert was a massive success.

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