Our birth begins with our getting into so many relations, starting from our parents to our friends, relatives, colleagues etc. All these relations are based on some condition or the other, none is selfless and unconditional. However, there is one relation, that of a devotee (shishya) and the Spiritual master (guru), which is the ultimate, as its foundation lies on unconditional and selfless love.

Shri Krishna Katha Shares the Secret of Divine Awakening Amongst the Present Masses in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

Both are incomplete without each other. In our ancient history, we can find many such examples of guru-shishya, like Lord Krishna –Arjuna. Their divine relation finally led to the establishment of dharma, peace and righteousness on this planet.

Shri Krishna Katha Shares the Secret of Divine Awakening Amongst the Present Masses in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS)- a non- profit, non- government and a leading socio-spiritual organization, headed and founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a Shri Krishna Katha at Rudrapur, Uttrakhand, from 22nd- 28th December, 2015. The Katha elucidated the importance of the role of a spiritual master in ones divine awakening.

Many renowned people graced the occasion with their remarkable presence. Some of the chief guests included: Smt. Indira Hardesh- Finance Minister (Uttrakhand), Sh. Rajesh Shukla- MLA Kichha (Uttrakhand), Sh. Raj Kumar Thukral- MLA Rudrapur (Uttrakhand), Sh. Tilak Raj Baher-Ex Health Minister (Uttrakhand), Sh. Mahendra Chawla- Chairman Nagar Council, Kichha (Uttrakhand), Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Singh-Senior Congress Leader, Sh. Vijay Yogdande- SDM Kichha (Uttrakhand) and Sh. Suresh Papneja- BJP Leader.

The organization extended a warm welcome to all the guests and the audiences. The program commenced with a holy prayer at the lotus feet of our revered Gurudev, followed by a series of mesmerising devotional and spiritual bhajans. Everyone present was spellbound by the melodious bhajans. The Spiritual orator of the day- Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji emphasized the importance of a spiritual master in ones life. Just like Lord Krishna, everyone needs the divine guidance of a Perfect Spiritual Master to understand the aim of human life and utilise our hidden potentials in the right direction.

The program successfully concluded with the sole and supreme message of how Divine Knowledge, leads to the awakening of divinity in humans.

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