Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) under the benign grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Founder and Head of DJJS, organized a seven day (from 6th to 12th November 2017) Shri Ram Katha Gyan Yagya dedicated to the Kamdhenu Project at Chirag Delhi, New Delhi. The Nehru Place Branch of DJJS shouldered the responsibility of the Katha’s supervision at the micro level. Sadhvi Shreya Bharti Ji was the Katha Vyas. Sadhvi Ji’s splendid narration of the life events of Shri Ram as well as a series of melodious devotional songs by the team of trained musician disciples of DJJS kept a thriving audience of devotees from across Delhi spell bounded throughout the Katha. The Katha garnered positive reviews from newspapers such as Jeevan Disha, Action India, and Jagat Kranti, DelhiUptodate, Veer Arjun, Dainik Khabre etc...

Shri Ram Katha Gyan Yagya at Chirag Delhi Recapitulated the Importance of Ancient Indian Spiritual Technique of Brahm Gyan for a Holistic Nation

Reflecting upon the current emotional, moral, and physical state of the youth in India, Sadhvi Shreya Bharti Ji said that today the youth is not just heading but is already on the path to regression. The youth belonging to the economically affluent background, in their race to show off to their peers their economic prowess, is whiling away their precious time by splurging money on futile things. On the other hand, the youth from the modest economic background feeling deprived, and hence, inadequate, in comparison to the affluent ones are turning to drugs so as to escape the reality. Capitalism, pointed out Sadhvi Ji, has everyone in its pernicious grip.

The solution, claimed Sadhvi Ji, can be sought through the in-depth study of the life story of Shri Ram. Sadhvi Ji explained that there was no dearth of wealth either in the empire of Ram- Ayodhya or in the demon Ravan’s kingdom- Lanka. But the moral values in the hearts of the people of Ayodhya were such that they emotionally did not crumble even when their beloved Shri Ram had to undergo fourteen years of banishment to the forest.  Further, Shri Ram too did not lose hope or went into depression during the years of his banishment showing his exemplary strength of moral character even when demon Ravana abducted Devi Sita to fulfil the demand of his sister- Shurpanakha. In contrast, the moral compass of Ravana and his subjects show a contemptibly low degree when they use Devi Sita as bait to emotionally weaken Shri Rama. The treatment meted out to Shri Hanuman at the political court of demon Ravana is another evidence of the same case.

Shri Ram Katha Gyan Yagya at Chirag Delhi Recapitulated the Importance of Ancient Indian Spiritual Technique of Brahm Gyan for a Holistic Nation

Sadhvi Ji asserted, had wealth been capable of bringing sensibility as well as the notion of fairness, then demon Ravana would not have seen the end that he suffered at the hands of Shri Rama. Here, it is worth pondering over the reason Shri Rama could hold on to the path of righteousness under such severe testing circumstances. Sadhvi Ji said that the reason is his control over the nature of thoughts which is the by-product of the ancient Indian spiritual technique called Brahm Gyan. The technique was imparted to Shri Rama by his spiritual teacher Mahrishi Vasisth. This technique in English parlance is known as Enlightenment. The demon Ravana was not an enlightened being. The difference between the personalities of Shri Rama and demon Ravana are apparent and so is the fact that Enlightenment is the only solution which can put the minds and hearts of the present youth at peace. A peaceful mind of the people can help to create not just a wealthy but a healthy nation as well. Sadhvi Ji concluded the Katha by stating that in one’s endeavor to attain Brahm Gyan the doors of DJJS will always remain open.

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