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The purpose of Lord’s incarnation is to bestow the humanity with the eternal practice that unifies individuals to the vital source. Lord Rama’s manifestation in that particular time had the same divine goal. He rid the Earth from evil forces and established the ideal kingdom. In order to establish kingdom of God within every human being through the divine technique of Brahm Gyan, DJJS organized 5 days Shri Ram Katha with the Grace of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder) in Kotkapura, Punjab from 9th to 13th October, 2019. 'Brahm Gyan' (Divine Knowledge) is an eternal technique through which one can practically experience and realize God within. The Katha was organised under the project “Antardrishti” which is a drive for making differently abled people live independently by providing them with a source of earning for a better life.

Shri Ram Katha Propagated Sacred Devotion through Brahm Gyan At Kotkapura, Punjab

Sadhvi Shachi Bharti Ji, Katha orator (disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji) beautifully explained the Importance of Katha and its relevance in the contemporary times. Shri Rama's life was a life of holy compliance of divine traits like purity, matchless simplicity, praiseworthy contentment, commendable self-sacrifice and remarkable renunciation. He was the Lord of the mind and the senses. Brave and valiant, he was yet gentle and modest. Deep and unfathomable like the ocean, firm and steadfast like the Himalayan Mountains. It is difficult to find a comparable example as for His extraordinary character, and he resembled Dasharatha as for his admirable qualities. We can learn a lot from the impeccable life of the Lord Rama, and make our lives harmonious and peaceful. The learned Sadhvi Ji expounded that to reach at the pinnacle of righteousness and devotion, one needs to have divine knowledge and grace of the Perfect Master. Only through Brahm-Gyan (Divine Knowledge), one can have the ever-lasting connectivity with Lord. The relationship based on the Divine Knowledge determines the connection with Lord.

Shri Ram Katha Propagated Sacred Devotion through Brahm Gyan At Kotkapura, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji explained about the social initiative “Antardrishti” which is run to motivate mainstream acceptance and opportunity for Differently-abled individuals all over the World and to remove dependence of individuals and encourage society to be compassionate. It provides for inclusive growth and development of individuals, especially the handicapped section of the society. A series of melodious bhajans composed with words of wisdom and tuned with extreme devotion, contributed to the divinity of the environment. The spiritual session generated awareness about the real essence of bhakti which is the tangible procedure to bring global peace by transforming individuals from within.

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