Ram Raajya Sakaar Ho Uthey,
Kalyug Sattyug Bann Jaye,
Ram Raajya Sakaar Ho Uthey...

Shri Ram Kathamrit @ Jalandhar - Blissful Nectar of Divine Saga!

This was the motto for arranging RAM KATHA in Jalandhar (Punjab).These lines mean ‘May the world once again turn into peaceful family’! And, for that, it has become a need of time to dip our soul into divine play of God & further knowing our true inner self. Every possible attempt to attain this mission is continuingly being done by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.

Shri Ram Kathamrit @ Jalandhar - Blissful Nectar of Divine Saga!

The guests of honor invited through this Ram Katha narration were, Sh. Mahesh Gupta- President, Aggarwal Sabha Jal, Mrs. Sneha Gupta -Vice president, Cantonment Board Jalandhar Cant., Sh. Vijay Kumar Chopra - Punjab Kesari Group, Sh. Manoranjan Kalia - Former Cabinet Minister (MLA), Sh. Avinash Singla –President, Aggarwal Bashya Sangadhan, Rakesh Goyal -President, IT cell BJP Punjab, Sh. S.M. Singh, and Tilak Raj Arora BJP Mandal -President, Sh. Rashim Mahajan -Founder Modern Surgival House(Business man), Sh. Ajay Kanda, Sh. Baldev Arora, Sh. A.K. Goswami, Sh. Sumesh Kumar, Sh. Anil Ji- Istri Satsung Sabha, Mrs. Doli Handa, and Mrs. Jaseem Ji.

The Katha orator Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, narrated the great epic and explained the reason of Lord Ram’s birth on this sinful earth, which was to establish Truth, Peace, and Unity. Katha Preacher also told that, even the Lords have to go through all the rigorous circumstances which we face as humans on Earth. However, Lord Ram was an Ideal son, Ideal husband, Ideal Brother, Ideal king and possessed many other qualities.

Lord Ram justified every phase of life beautifully. It was never so easy for him to bring everyone together. But it’s true that embodiment of truth was established by Lord Ram. Firstly, he started his aim of peace with a very basic perquisite i.e. to know our inner self, and to become one with our soul. It’s written in scriptures if a person enlightens himself/herself, then he/she realizes that we all are god’s image. Automatically, thereafter the feeling of jealousy & vengeance for others will vanish from our heart and feelings of love and brotherhood will reign.  

One of the foremost learning from Ramcharitmanas is -It’s possible to bring back Peace and unity only through Braham Gyan (Divine Knowledge, Enlighten of inner self). Yes! Dear Devotees, its Braham Gyan! His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says about Braham Gyan that “With the help of a magnet, one can easily separate the iron pieces. Likewise, through the eye of soul, one gets the wisdom to choose the right and good in life.”

Each day of the Katha turned out to be a self-awakening day for devotees. But, just like sun rise ends into sun set, the beautiful days came to an end at 8th of March 2015. On that last day of Katha, Hawan was conducted, wherein the preachers along with numerous devotees participated.  Everyone present over there appreciated this spiritual endeavor of DJJS.

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