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Srijan Senani– refers to the spiritual creation by the warrior on the path of righteousness, who strives to remain constantly connected inwards to the divine self in order to elevate to the higher levels of consciousness. Higher consciousness is the essence, the source of “intuitive insight” and high positive emotions such as love and joy. The warrior on this path fights with outwardly shackles of Maya; vices like attachment, anger, egoism, and direct them into the right direction. He also makes sacrifices each day, burns in the sacred fire of Dyana and Sewa. He also surrenders completely to his Master’s will as he knows only his Master can take the soul to its higher potential.

'Srijan Senani' - The Spiritual Pursuit to Refurbish Youth at Soul-level held at Muktsar, Punjab

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), to bring about this kind of awareness, organised a renovating spiritual program for devotees of Muktsar, Punjab on 27th May 2018 under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

The discourse and the activities were focused to throw light over the power of youth for young nation like India. The youth that is rich in character, determined, dedicated to right values is a blessing for mankind and an asset to bring about the revolutionary change. The change which commences from the process of building the Self.  As Socrates elucidates, “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting old, but building the new”.

'Srijan Senani' - The Spiritual Pursuit to Refurbish Youth at Soul-level held at Muktsar, Punjab

It is imperative to awaken to the source of immense energy by connecting to the roots of inner world conceivable through Brahm Gyan”, which alone can open doors to hidden treasures of wisdom to embark upon a journey of upward spiral. Practicing meditation guided by Brahm Gyan directs the thoughts, words and actions from a limited self to selflessness, expands the vision and sees the entire creation as one. This change then forms the basis of formation of a society which lives in harmony with nature, peers and people from across the globe. When the seed is nurtured well, it tenders healthy fruits.

The program consisted of series of devotional and nation building bhajans, spiritual discourses and many activities. Audiences rema9ned engulfed in devotion and the spirit of patriotism. Preachers invited everyone to achieve this science of self-realisation i.e. Brahm Gyan and strive for enlightenment which is exclusive prerogative of a human being and is the sole purpose of birth. Many volunteer disciples and preacher disciples of revered Gurudev worked together towards organising the program. Youth were also made to realize the harmful effects of drugs, which hinder the process of spiritual progress. The program concluded with overwhelmingly positive vibes that impacted all those who were fortunate to attend the same.

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