With the immense grace & prudent guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS organized a five day Krishna Katha from 3rd June – 7th June, 2015 at Bilaspur, Haryana. The inaugurating ritual of “Mangal Kalash Yatra” marked a grandeur beginning to this divine Katha. The profound dignitaries - Ch. Balwant Singh Sadhaura, Ch. Kawar Pal (Vidhan Sabha Speaker- Haryana), Anil Sandhu (Chairman -Income Tax Department, Haryana) and Ch. Rishipal (Constructor and Leader, BJP) performed the ritual of “Jyoti Prajavalan” i.e. the custom of lighting the lamps.

The Congregates Bask Into Ecstatic Oasis of Divinity on Krishna Katha at Bilaspur, Haryana

The Katha orator, Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji unfurled the prized treasures of Lord Krishna’s life, and flashed back the childhood Leelas of Lord Krishna’s life with vivid explication. Further, by giving scientific and spiritual illustrations, Sadhvi Ji explained that the divine plays of Lord Krishna were not only relevant in the Dwaparyug (Bronze Age), but hold paramount significance in today’s age of Kalyug.

The Congregates Bask Into Ecstatic Oasis of Divinity on Krishna Katha at Bilaspur, Haryana

The event reverberated with enchanting of holy hymns & devotional songs and insightful presentations. The melodious bhajans acted as a panacea to divert the minds of masses from materialistic world. 

The various social projects being run by DJJS were also highlighted in the Katha, such as Antardrishti (welfare program for visually impaired), Antarkranti (prisoner reformation program), Manthan (holistic education for the underprivileged children), Santulan (women empowerment program), Bodh (Drug de-addiction program) etc.  The masses were greatly sensitized by these projects.

The Katha concluded with “Paavan Aarti” of the Lord Krishna, which held the presence of the dignitaries and congregation. The forte of this magnificent event was to escalate the message of Self -Awakening i.e. Brahm Gyan among the people. The gathering felt greatly enriched with the invaluable message, and inspirations that were revealed from the transcendental pastimes of Lord Krishna.

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