On 25th January 2017, "The Pearl Academy", Naraina, Delhi contributed for the noble cause that 'Manthan SVK’ is serving. Manthan kids were invited at their premises for celebrating Republic Day. One batch of students reached the venue at 2 p.m. and another batch was accompanied by Ms. Madhvi and her colleagues as they picked up students from the Manthan center to reach the venue.

The Pearl Academy celebrated 68th Republic Day with Manthanites

Total of 30 Manthanites from SVK-Rithala & Patel Nagar participated in this event. Students were welcomed heartily by the college students by giving tricolor flags to every child and teachers at the entry.

The Pearl Academy celebrated 68th Republic Day with Manthanites

They made students comfortable to sit on chair and had free fun-filled interaction. Children were happy and very quickly gelled up with them. They Played ola-ola game, danced, and sang together. All students then did origami activity in two groups, where the students learned the creative art to make butterfly, dog, box, and ball.

For a short refreshing break, children were served their favorites snacks, which was then followed by the surprising activity. Students were given one colored sheet to write whatever they wished to, completely of their own choice, which could be relating to anything.

Very quickly children drew and expressed their thoughts beautifully, which impressed everybody present there. Few students wrote their experience of the Day, many of them wrote thank-you notes mentioning the names of didi’s and bhaiya’s, few drew beautiful pics of republic day celebration replica of the venue, one of them creatively wrote feelings in form of a rhyme. College students felt overwhelmed reading the thoughts of tiny tots and decided to keep with them so as to share with others. 

At the end the College students did free dance steps with Manthanites on patriotic rhythms. They see-off the children by distributing chocolates and asked to visit again.

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