विलक्षण योग एवं साधना शिविर - a three days yoga and meditation camp was held from 7th to 9th  of March  2017 at  Muradpura Road, Tarn Taran in Punjab. Under the divine guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, DJJS through ‘Vilakshan Yog Shivir’ has been promoting Yoga, Pranayama and Dhyan as an intangible cultural heritage of India.

Three Days ‘विलक्षण योग एवं साधना शिविर’ held in Tarn Taran, Punjab

In three consecutive days more than 2500 people gathered and participated to rejuvenate themselves with Yoga and Dhyan. The session started with Ved Mantras recitations followed by Prayers (bhajans) to create a pious environment to relax the mind. Swami Vigayanand ji, disciples of head and founder of DJJS – Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, a preacher & yoga expert along with his team undertook Yoga, Pranayama and meditation sessions. Over the four hour Yoga session, the participants in the camp were taught basic Yogasana and Pranayama Techniques for better health and well-being. This was followed by a discourse on ‘Yoga & Spirituality’ and ‘Samuhik Dhyana’ (group meditation) to harness spiritual potential.

Swami Vigayanand ji told people that how Yoga and Pranayama practices along with meditation is important for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. He also told that Yogic practice not only promote good health but also manages various disease and ailments.

Three Days ‘विलक्षण योग एवं साधना शिविर’ held in Tarn Taran, Punjab

The session ended with Om chanting and recitation of mantras such as ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah’ and ‘Shanti Path’ (peace prayer) seeking health, peace and harmony for all. There was an over whelming response from the participants. Print media covered this event in ‘Dainik Swera’ and ‘Punjabi Jagran’ newspapers.

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