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It is indeed our moment of elation to celebrate the 70 years of the country’s independence because freedom of a country also grants her dwellers with the provisions of self-determination, sovereignty and right to choose where they can breathe, think and express freely for the favour of themselves and their country. Every year, we talk endlessly about the various freedom fighters who had put their blood and soul for attaining this moment of independence but find trouble in looking out for places to translate the generated valour and enthusiasm.


This year, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan founded/mentored by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji under its Drug Abuse Eradication Program (Bodh) marked this day of utmost importance with a very unique theme of “you can be a patriot too - this independence day” with an aim to highlight every small role each individual can play in order to bring forth a feeling of honesty, selflessness and rectitude respectively. Corruption in minds and inadequacy in performing the assumed roles harm a nation the most. Supposedly, a teacher not teaching properly certainly affects the array of students in a classroom, an officer not performing his duty but thriving on bribes does an irreparable damage to the ‘trust of a common man', a parent raising a child with least concern having no aim and framework in minds ruins a blooming life, a student studying with minimum of interest having been caged in the habit of drug abuse or drug addiction are all obvious acts of disloyalty to the nation and these were some of the concerns raised during the entire week.

With the touch of cultural, spiritual and social flavours, a horde of events were being conducted starting from 12th August up to 21st August 2016 where every section or strata of society was covered. Mall events, school programs, motivational Walks, choreographies, ballets, live skit performances and many more had been the connective points for masses to understand the theme of the week long campaign.

Along with which, through multitude of questionnaire and quizzes, the idea of freedom was reinvented in the hearts of people having been free from the shackles and fetters of bad habits, soiled and lowly thoughts, deteriorating health problems etc. And the ideal of holistic freedom was wholly propitiated.

Subsequently, by dint of various theme related games and activities, the audience were as well sensitized about the existing problem of drug abuse, the rapid increase in the no. of people experimenting with drugs especially youth along with a one to one discussion on the core ideology of the organization which is the act of balancing out the distorted addicted thought through the reinforcement of the soul with the instrumentality of ‘Brahm Gyan’.

The programs are already being conducted in a full-fledged swing across the nation and have also been planned to be organized at various places in Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. The events have already benefitted thousands of people at each place and have as well awakened a sense of 'self-hood’ and ‘self-control’ amongst the masses.

1. Bal Bhawan Public School, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi | organized by: Karkardooma Branch, New Dehli

As its first enthusiastic start, karkardooma branch of DJJS founded/mentored by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji under its Drug Abuse Eradication Program (Bodh) reached Bal Bhawan Public School at Laxmi Nagar in New Delhi to sensitize more than 2000 students and 30 teachers for the true streak of patriotism through various engaging tools like skit, dance performances, enlightening anchoring, quizzes, insightful lecture and many more. The audience enjoyed the program to its fullest and also invited the organization on teacher’s day to organize an event for discerning its significance and worth for an academic institution.


2. Bal Mandir, Preet Vihar, New Delhi | organized by: Karkardooma Branch, New Delhi

In continuation to the spree generated, Bodh volunteers of karkardooma Branch reached Bal Mandir School located in Preet Vihar, New Delhi where more than 1500 students took to participation in the program in order to get motivated and sensitized for living a life free from all sorts of addiction: internet, social media, whatsapp, phone etc. Via an energetic dance ballet, various shades of Rani Lakshmi Bai were enacted upon, which depicts the importance of ‘saying no ‘to the irrational and unrighteous. How she took a stand against the evil acts of britshers, we must as well take a stance against the various forms of pressure that drag us into the world of drug abuse today. An insightful lecture, engaging anchoring and quiz session which made the message of “live drug free lives” was very well received by the school authorities and students as well.


3. Patel Nagar-II, Ghaziabad, UP |  organized by : Gaziabad Branch, New Delhi

Sketching an age old chapter of resurrecting the dying and fading cultural glory of india, the Gaziabad branch of DJJS has put forth an era of Adiguru Shankaracharya ji, who with incessant voyages and errands had not only brought back the lost belief of people into Hindu religion and culture but has also prepared a band of intellectual warriors who further for eons had carried the responsibility of making the ‘Vedas’ reach out to every nook and corner. Through the instrumentality of a profound half an hour skit performance titled “mera desh aur ved” , the audience was spellbound and surprised to see what our enlightened saints who are now  forgotten heroes though had contributed towards the 1200 years awaited ‘freedom’. With an ambitious speech by Sadhvi Shweta Bharti Ji, Devotee/disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji, a broad sketch of various saints and their utmost contribution was also highlighted which helped a lot in bringing the message of all these programs to seep into the hearts of the audiences.

4. Amar Ujala Publishing House, Meerut Cantt, Uttar Pradesh | Branch: Meerut, U.P.

On the auspiciously proud occasion of 70th Independence Day, Meerut branch of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan was invited at Amar Ujala, a leading news house having 19 editions in seven states and one union territory covering 167 districts, with a circulation of two million copies. The Meerut branch accepted the invite shouldering the dual role, both as host and the guest. Amongst the eminent guests present like Mr.Harikant Aluwalia - Mayor, Meerut Zone, Mr. Saheed Manjoor - Cabinet Minister, Meerut Zone, Mr.Suneel Pandit - DIG, Mr. Dinesh Chand - Upper Jilla Adhikari, Meerut Zone, Mr.Satyaprakash Aggarwal - MLA, Meerut, Mr.Rajpal Singh - Minister, Meerut, MS. Veena Vadhva - Member, Cantoment Board, Meerut, Mr. S. K. Dubey -ADM City, Meerut, Mr.S. P. Kiran Yadav,- Traffic Head, Meerut, Mr. Vinay Pradhan- Secretary, Congress, Meerut, Mr. Amit Aggarwal- MLA, Meerut, Mr. Yasbeer Singh - Member, Samajwadi Party,Mr. Deepak Chauhan - GM, Meerut, a skit was performed on the topic “do I love my country” in which various relevant questions were put against how patriotism is perceived today. Sharing photos on Facebook, putting flags on Whatsapp Dp, Sharing Patriotic Songs and videos, painting flags on faces, playing loud patriotic songs at home or buying flags just don’t suffice the relevance of celebrating the 70 years of country's independence. It is the occasion that reminds us of having to look out an answer to the question that “are we really free or independent” and if not then why? Even the lecture delivered further in disguise brought forwards some of the historical diamonds in the form of stories where people in their limited capacities did the impossible, achieved the unachievable. Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti ji, the preacher head of Meerut branch and devotee/disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, requested people of great capacity and position to come forward and contribute their bit in realizing what we need to do at our societal, communal, familial and most importantly at the individual level so that we are not only called as free people but also live like citizens of a free country. More than 500 people took participation in the program. The Program was highly praised and appreciated by all.


5. DM Office, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh | Branch : Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

The DJJS Center, Meerut was invited at DM office in the event of Flag Hoisting Ceremony in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Right after the ceremony, the officials invited Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti Ji, devotee/disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the head and Founder of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan for disseminating a message of independence and dedication on such a great day. She with few historical examples of patriots drew a graph to gauge into the level of courage and enthusiasm now and then. “Though we seem to be independent outside or though we are recorded as one of the biggest blooming economy in the world today but can this development translate into our inner independence”, exclaimed Sadhvi Ji. She further quoted a very beautiful quote “ Success at the outset means nothing till you don’t have success within”, in order to focus on the importance of being a good citizen, a good human being along with becoming a great achiever. The Program was also graced by some of the eminent guests such as Mr.  Jagat Raj Tripathi - DM, Meerut Zone,, Mr. Brijesh Chand - ADM, Meerut, Mr. Brijesh Chand – ADM Finance, Meerut, Mr. Dhyan Singh Srivastava –ADM, Meerut, Mr. Gaurav Verma - ADM Finance, Meerut, Mr. Satish Chand Dubey – ADM Nagar, Meerut, Mr. Ajay Singh – Telecom Officer, Meerut. The theatric team of meerut also enacted upon a play “kya aazadi mil gai” in order to highlight upon the accomplishment of freedom true to its meaning and completeness. More than 200 people attended the program and also appreciated the thought conceived behind the program, for they not only praised the efforts of the organization in the field of drug abuse, education, health, environment, women empowerment but also showed their keenness in joining the organization.

6. Suraj Kund Park, Meerut | Branch : Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

The Hindustan Print Media organized a patriotic event based on the theme of “UNITY” on account of 70th Independence Day at Suraj Kund Park, Meerut on 14th August, 2016. In the same, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan was invited to address the congregation on the occasion focussing upon the import of this day in life beyond the outer celebrations. Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti Ji, coordinator Meerut branch and devotee/disciple of His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji focussed on what we have done or achieved so far and where we are still lagging behind. No country is developed financially, geographically or socially till her dwellers or citizens are developed because a sustained change always begins from its smallest unit which is human in this case. Seventy years ago, we had started a movement for achieving the independence of India; today we need to start another movement where we need to work on the liberation of human mind. She also threw light on the solution based upon our history and scriptures which say that an awakened mind is the independent mind and this can only be achieved when a human gets connected to one's core that is soul because the soul is boundless, uncultivated, free and independent. When we get connected to it, only then we realize the freedom in our bosom which gets reflected in one’s individuality, family, society, country or universe as a whole. A play focussing many key issues regarding the numerous perceived meanings of independence was also enacted upon by the Meerut Volunteers team for raising various questions to the cleshe definition of independence today. The program was very well received and understood by all the 300 audiences present and at the end, the guests came forward to appreciate the team, the organization and the power that works behind all the endeavours who is none other than His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Guests Present: Mr. Harikant Alhuwalia - Mayor, Meerut, Mr. Alok Singha - Commissioner, Meerut, Mr. Ashwini Tyagi - Pradesh Upadheksh, Meerut, Mr. Kazi Janus Sajeed Bin - Shehar Kazi, Meerut, Mr. Ranbeer Singh Jaswal – Head, Sikh Samudaya, Sh. Neelimanad Maharaj – Mahamandleshwar, Meerut, Mr. S. K. Dubey, ADM City, Meerut, Sh. Israr  Safi, Rajya Mantri, Meerut.


7. Laxmi Nagar, Ambala City | Branch: Ambala, Haryana

On the occasion of 70 years of independence, the DJJS Ambala branch organized an awareness program with the local residents of laxmi nagar focussing on the issue of “patriotism and its relevance in today’s time”. "In the wake of endless thoughts and stances on the concept of independence or freedom, we need to know the real source of it", stated Sadhvi Ambalika Bharti ji, coordinator, Ambala Branch and devotee/disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. With an informative presentation, storytelling, activities and pledge, she very intensely discussed the ways in which one in individual capacity can as well contribute for the benefit of the society. The Program was well received and appreciated by the audiences.


8. Ambey Palace, Near G.D.A-Office, Gorakhpur | Branch: Gorakhpur:

Celebrating the spirit of Patriotism, the DJJS Gorakhpur organised an awareness program at Ambey Palace, Near G.D.A-Office, Gorakhpur. With about 1015 people on board, the event a series of dance performances of several Patriotic Songs that connected the audience to the theme. Following it, was an exemplary skit by the youth volunteers of the Gorakhpur centre which showcased the irony that – despite of being free and independent from outside, we are all caged from inside and as a consequence of this inner weakness, a large section of the society still finds him/herself dependent on one or the other intoxicating substance. Thus, the audience was motivated, In order to gain complete Independence, we must imbibe in ourselves the traits of a true Patriot so that like them we can as well fight for our Independence. The eminent guests who marked their presence at the event were: Smt. Satya Pandey, the Mayor of Gorakhpur, Shri Anup Singh, Pradesh Karyasamiti Member (BJP), Shri Ranjeet Rai, Mahanagar President of BJP, Gorakhpur, Shri Rahul Singh, President of "AIIMS" Sangharsh Samiti –Gorakhpur, Shri Abhishek Mishra, the Co-Ordinator of  BJYM-Gorakhpur,  Shri Suraj Rai, The Paarshad-Gorakhpur and Shri Ravi Dubey, the Co-Ordinator of Bajrang Dal-Gorakhpur. In the end, everyone very enthusiastically participated in the signature campaign, registering their pledge to be true patriots of the country.


9. Sipna Engineering College, Amravati | Branch: Amravati :


“Patriotism is just like Charity begins at Home”, exclaimed, Sadhvi Anupama Bharti Ji, Sipna Engineering College, Badnera Road, Nimbhora, Amravati on this Independence Day. Stating the relevance of Patriotism in today’s context, Sadhvi Ji discussed with the students that – to be a Patriot, one does not have to move out and bring about a revolution, but has to ensure that all the actions which he/she performs from dusk to dawn are done with utmost sincerity and honesty. If one fulfils all the duties assigned to him/her with morality, he/she is also serving his/her country like a True Patriot. Thus, those 590 students present in the workshop were encouraged to do all their responsibilities with complete dedication be it that of a student, of a child, of a citizen and which shall definitely be their ought most service to their country. Dr. Mohit Sharma (M.D) and Mr. Sandeep Kumar, the Principal highly appreciated the program’s concept and content.


10. Naveen Vidhya Mandir | Branch : Suratgarh

In a Five Minute painting Competition, the students of Naveen Vidhya Mandir, Suratgarh, were asked to draw an outline of India and fill it with things they LIKE and they DISLIKE about India during a motivational workshop conducted for the students by DJJS Suratgarh, on this Independence Day. Sadhvi Anupama Bharti Ji, conversed with students on the Importance of finding solutions to a problems rather than just cribbing over it. Sadhvi Ji said, " No Country is born perfect. Its citizens make it what it is. In which case, if they want their country to be free from the things they dislike, they themselves must be that Change.  And this way they shall be called patriots too". This 2 hours long session encouraged around 655 students who pledged to be responsible citizens in bringing about a positive change in the country.


11. Banglore

Adding another flavour to the Independence Day Celebrations, hosted a Youth Workshop for motivating the youth population to be the backbone of the country not just in words but in action as well. Through a series of demonstrative activities, quizzes, speeches, motivational dance performances and skit, the youth participants were stirred and reminded of such times when they might have had given up before something unfavourable be it peer pressure or any other pressure, which is unlike the Patriots of our Country. Thus, Sadhvi Prapoorna Bharti Ji, devotee/disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji elucidated before them that if they wish to be a Patriot, they can be, but they must work upon their own selves for it's accomplishment. Today, one need not fight any battle outside, rather one must fight the battle inside with one's own negative thoughts, negative actions, one's habits etc so that he/she does not prove weak in front of any pressure and is therefore able to take all the decisions wisely and in the welfare of the entire country. The youth participants well understood this new definition of patriotism and pledged to adhere to it.


12. Government Quarters Residence | Branch: Patiala

In a mass awareness program organised by the DJJS Patiala center at Government Quarters Residence, Ghalori Gate, Patiala, through a series of musical and dance performances, the spirit of Patriotism was celebrated. Amidst the celebration, the facilitator of Bodh, Sadhvi Jagdeepa Bharti Ji, devotee/disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji brought into light the difference between the Youths of Today and the pre- Independence era and raised a question for the youth population in entirety, “Is the Country or Punjab in specific, really Independent today?” The answer is – NO, because today a majority of the people, not just in Punjab but in the entire country are enslaved in the Hands of Drug Abuse. And if a country or a State is enslaved, there then has to be a struggle for Independence and the youth population must be the ones to take up the fight against the evil, and bring about the perfect state of Independence. Thus, Sadhvi Ji called upon the Youths to be the Patriots of Today and take up the fight against Drug Abuse so that our country can be truly called an Independent Nation. The program was much appreciated by the 700 people who became a part of it. The event was covered by several newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar and Punjab Kesari.                                                                                                                                              


13. Acharya Atre Rangmandir , Pimpri, Pune, Maharashtra | Branch : Chakan, Maharashtra

With more than 700 students from different colleges, an event was organized at Acharya Atre Rangmandir, Pimpri,Pune with a horde of Presentation, Dance, Skit, Band, Pledge and Signature Campaign. A band well known as “Last Rituals” also came forward to perform some of their best patriotic compositions. The Eminent guests of the city : Mr.S.G.Phadke - Senior Advocate, Founder Of Amrut Varsha Mahotsava, Mr.Amitkumar Banarjee - Founder Director /Secretary-SAAMPARC (Bal Gram), Shri.Vishwanath Waghmode - President-Apang Vidyalaya,Nigdi,Pune, Mayatai Bhaskar - President Of Shramik Mahila Morcha, Mrs.Meenu Gill - President Of Pune Dist.For Human Right, Asha Babasaheb Kambale - President-Gharkam Mahila Sabha,President-Anganwadi Mahila Sabha,President-Mahila Bachat Gat Mahasabha also graced the event with their presence.


14. Babuji Avhad Mahavidyalay | Branch: Pathardi

“Older Men declare the war, but it’s Youths who must fight it”, this well-known saying inspired around 300 students of Babuji Avhad Mahavidyala in Pathardi to take up the fight against the various social evils existing in the society like global warming, domestic violence, drug abuse etc. so as to make India free from their clutches, during a Motivational Workshop organised by school in the pretext of India’s 70th Independence Day. During the workshop, through several demonstrational Activities, enlightening lectures and skit, the volunteers and Facilitators of Bodh brought into light the deteriorating social condition of our country, thereby highlighting the need of putting words of change into action and hence, they further discussed with the students- how small steps taken by us at individual level can bring about a spree of positive change in the society. The students well understood the message conveyed and pledged to be change they wish to see in the society. Dr. G.P Dhakane, the principal of the school highly appreciated the efforts of the organisation in spreading the message of peace in the society


15. Gange Pauri, Balkeshwar | Branch: Agra

Taking the binge of Independence Day celebrations ahead to the State of Uttar Pradesh, under the banner of Bodh, DJJS Agra hosted a mass awareness program for the people in and around Gange Pauri, Balkeshwar in Agra. The program consisted of a series of motivational and patriotic dance performances and a stage play performed by the youth volunteers of Bodh at the Agra centre. These modules not only celebrated the essence of Independence but also stirred the people to think about the paradox that though we celebrate our outer Independence every year, from inside we are still enslaved in hands of our own perceptions, habits, weaknesses, insecurities and pressures. And this enslavement of ours from within harms the society at large in form of the various social evils. Thus, via this program, around 200 people were encouraged to fight their inner battles with full vigour, just like our patriots so that India can soon celebrate Complete Independence.

Guest Present: Mr. Shyam Sundar Pathak, Assistant Commissioner of Sales tax and Mr. Jagan Prasad Garg, BJP leader


16. Bidhipur, Jalandhar | Branch : Jalandhar

“With 70 percent of the youths in Punjab being addicted to Drugs, is it Right for us to call ourselves Independent?” was a question posed by the Swami Sajjananand Ji, devotee/ disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji and the facilitator of Bodh, to the audience of around 1550 people who had gathered to be a part of the Independence Day celebration by the Jalandhar centre of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan in Bidhipur. This mass awareness session kicked off with a series of motivational musical and dance performances and stage plays that rejuvenated the spirit of patriotism amongst the people. Later, during the insightful speech the posed question by Swami Sajjananand Ji, moved the consciousness of the people and forced them to think beyond the defined boundaries of outer Independence. Thus, this program served as platform for people to realise that time today not just requires the celebration of Independence but also the determination of True Patriots like before who can stand up and fight against the menace of Drug Abuse in Punjab and free it from its hands. So that Punjab can proudly celebrate its freedom from being called the Drug State of India. The present audience enthusiastically accepted this chance of being called a Patriot of the country and were ready to make efforts towards making their state Drug Free.


17. Sant Dnyanshwer Mahavidyalay | Branch: Pathardi

The Pathardi Centre of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan was invited by Sant Dnyaneshwar Mahavidyalay in Pathardi to conduct a motivational session for its students on occasion of the India’s 70th Independence Day. During the session, the facilitator of Bodh, Sadhvi Smita Bharti Ji , devotee/disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji, quoted “ If as the citizens of India and the youths of it, in specific, we enjoy the privileges of living in a free country every day then it the moral responsibility of us to protect India’s Independence. A country is independent only when its citizens are independent. Thus, it is our duty to ensure that No act of ours should be responsible for landing us and then the entire country in hands of any sort of enslavement, be it any outside force like peer or social pressure or any sort of intoxicating substances like Alcohol and cigarette that are readily available these days.” Thereby, encouraging the youths to be watchful of their actions as any wrong decision made by them in any sort of pressure could do a lot of harm, to them as well their family. Those 100 students present in the workshop well understood message conveyed to them and pledged to be responsible citizens of the country. Dr. Shankar Lavhare, the principal of the school highly appreciated the content and concept of the workshop.




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