Young inheritors of Earth sketch their commitments to conserve Nature on Earth Day 2015


On the occasion of International Mother Earth day, 2015, the young inheritors of Earth signed their commitments nature conservation through creative strokes on their canvases. Members of My Earth My Responsibility Sanrakshan clubs in Oriental Convent Sr. Sec. School and Decent School, Ludhiana along with other students of the school participated in the special poster- making competition organised under the ongoing Sanrakshan MEMR campaign.  

During the hour and a half session, various angles regarding air, water and soil pollution- the theme of the competition, were portrayed by the children. The drawing session was followed by ‘thought sharing session’ wherein each student discussed about the idea they have shared in their poster. The best posters were exhibited on the main board of the school for all.

Sanrakshan clubs are special environmental institutions created under the MEMR campaign to lead the movement of environmental change in the city. These children have been sensitized through Sanrakshanvarta workshops, and this poster- making competition was is yet another platform for them to express their understanding and concern regarding the issue.  My Earth My Responsibility Campaign is a year- long advocacy campaign for steering Ludhiana on the path of being an environmentally responsible society, undertaken by DJJS Nature Conservation Program Sanrakshan.

About Sanrakshan

Sanrakshan is Natural Resource Management and Environment Protection Program aims at rebuilding the fading human-nature relationship of mutualism for re-establishing the environmental balance.

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