Spiritual Discourses– Food for Soul

To play any musical instrument, an essential aspect is to tune it. In the absence of tuning, it is impossible to produce melodious notes from it. Likewise, this life is an instrument. And, to play soothing notes of peace and wisdom from it, it is essential to tune it. In the spiritual parlance, '…

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A Rejuvenating Dose for Office Lifestyle

Though it's not a cakewalk to transcend the influence of a tedious work life, your steadfast attitude would indeed guide you towards accomplishing a happy work life if you put into practice these simple exercises and suggestions. On the whole, it rewards you with a satisfactory life that is judiciously balanced at both personal and professional fronts.

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Medicinal Music

We often listen to music to feel good. But, do you know, listening to the right kind of music and in a proper way is medicinal, too. How? Let's explore...   MEDICINAL MUSIC FACT #1 Music can lower the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) The number one enemy of man in today's …

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Don't  Bother About Taunts of Others!

The person responsible for making France one of the great nations in the world was none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. When Napoleon was a small child, his mother sent him to a school in another town, though the family was not very rich. Napoleon had to study in a small place. The room in which he s…

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Be Like The Honey Bees!

It's a great statement by the God incarnate saint of Maharashtra, Shri Gyaneshwar, which says– a lotus flower and frog– both live in the same place, i.e. mud. A humming bee enjoys the nectar of the lotus flower whereas mud and insects remain for the lazy frog. Indeed, it's the fruit of the hard work that honey bees put in!

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The Why's of GOD!

Suppose Mr. X purchases a new car. Now, once he drives away with his car from the showroom, is it the manufacturer of the car who should be held responsible for the way Mr. X drives it? Should the manufacturer be deemed accountable if the car gets bumped into something and is smudged with scratches …

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भारतीय नववर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ!

श्री कृष्ण गीता में कहते हैं- ‘समस्त ऋतुओं में मैं बसन्त हूँ।’ चैत्र शुक्ल को इसी सर्वप्रिय, सर्वश्रेष्ठ ऋतुराज का पूरी प्रकृति पर राज हो जाता है। शाखाओं पर नए पल्लव खिलने लगते हैं। फल-फूलों में मधुरस भर जाता है। फाल्गुन के इंद्रधनुषी रंग जहाँ-तहाँ छितरे दिखते हैं। उजले दिन बड़े और अंधेरी रातें छोटी हो जाती हैं। इसी के साथ प्रकृति का कण-कण, नव उमंग, उल्लास और प्रेरणा के संग, अंगड़ाई भर उठता है। यह चेतना, यह जागना, यह गति- यही तो नववर्ष के साक्षी हैं!

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Basanti Rang Mein Rang Lo Man | Bhajan @ DJJS

Presenting an enchanting devotional song infused with positivity and motivation. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is an international non-profit humanitarian organization founded and headed by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. DJJS has been working for the past 3 decades towards making World Peace a tangible re…

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