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Most wonderful state of mind is attainable by Meditation- Swami Vivekanand

A Spiritual Program Suno Pathik at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab, Revitalised the Spirit of Devotees on the Divine Path

To reinstate the exuberance among the pursuers of Supreme Path, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised a unique spiritual program – ‘Suno Pathik’ on 1st May 2022 at Vill. Dabwali Malko Ki, Teh. Malout, Distt. Muktsar, Punjab. This spiritual endeavour served as a clarion call for the devotees, to not deviate any focus from the ultimate sutras of discipleship. The divine vibes created by series of soulful bhajans channelised the supreme energy evoking the devotional cords of attendees.  Swami Neerjanand Ji, orator of the program, with the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji delivered a soul-stirring discourse addressing youth and old alike.

A Spiritual Program Suno Pathik at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab, Revitalised the Spirit of Devotees on the Divine Path

Swami Ji said the current atmosphere of negativity, war and hatred prevalent in outer world is the result of fear, restlessness and depression of the inner world. This makes it inevitable to embrace the one and only supreme path leading to incessant peace i.e., Brahm Gyan or Divine Knowledge. The diligent practice of Brahm Gyan based meditation is the blanket solution for the root cause of all troubles – known as human mind. Mind is that powerful entity which can play havoc as well enable heaven at the same time. An outward bound mind running in the material world plays only havoc, while the inward bound mind firmly fixed on Eternal Lord makes way towards the heavens of untainted soul. Satguru or Perfect Master is that divine sailor who can ferry us across the mighty sea of mind. Satguru undertakes the reformation and purification process of mind of every single disciple who surrenders to his commandments.

Swami Ji vehemently reminded Sadhaks of the precious grace and efforts of our revered Satguru for our spiritual upliftment and hence the duty of every disciple to focus on the invaluable goal and not to waste the precious time and energy on the trivialities of life. To end the tension in life, attention is required towards the ultimate destination.

While walking on the path of devotion, a devotee should introspect and analyze as to how strongly he has been able to connect with his revered Gurudev – at spiritual, emotional and mental level? Program concluded with group meditation session and prayers for the welfare and peace of world at large.

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