kanjak pujan ke desh men kanya bhrun hatya kyu!

Awareness Drives in eight prominent Temples of Uttrakhand during 9-day Navratri Mahotsav on Female Feticide

Dehradun: Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) under its Gender Equality program – Santulan jolted the city of Dehradun in gender perspective during the 9-day Navratri Mahotsav through rigorous awareness drives on the theme – kanya pujan ke desh men kanya bhrun hatya kyu, in eight prominent Temples of the city vis’a’vis Sanatan Dharma Mandir in Nehru Colony, Durga Mandir in Survey Chowk, Kali Mandir in Raipur, Mahamaya Durga Mandir in Ballupur, Tapkeshwar Mandir in Ghari cant, Durga Mandir in Shyampur, Radha Krishna Mandir on Rajpur road and Radha Krishna Mandir in Kishan nagar.

Awareness Drives in eight prominent Temples of Uttrakhand during 9-day Navratri Mahotsav on Female Feticide

“Irony is when people kill their own female fetus in the womb and invite neighbors' girls for Kanjak Pujan during Navratri”, said volunteers of Santulan to the devotees who had arrived to worship Goddess Durga in the temple. Moved by such profound thoughts, hundreds stood before the awareness desks and the sensitizing exhibition put up by Dehradun center of DJJS.

With the intent of raising awareness and the much needed sensitivity amongst the masses that often end up discriminating daughters on the name of misconceived cultural doctrines; DJJS undertakes awareness drives across the nation on the issue of female feticide during both 9-day Navratri Mahotsav every year.

Temples witnessing the maximum footfall during Navratri are proving to be the most efficient mode of mass sensitization against female feticide. Thousands of believers visiting the temples are approaching the exhibition areas and having dialogues over the social evil of sex determination and sex selective abortions.

Santulan volunteers, by means of one on one counseling, explained the visitors about the causes and consequences of female feticide. Further, they shed light on how spirituality plays a vital role in uprooting such evils from society and re-establish the lost value for girl child.

Mass distribution of pamphlets explaining the multifarious aspects of the menace of son preference and neglect for a girl child was undertaken through the awareness desks next to the exhibition area. Devotees were also motivated to pledge to raise voice against sex selective abortions and also intervene whenever they see a woman being harassed.

DJJS aims at empowering women by not just building their capacity through education and skill enhancement, but awakening them to their real self that is the perineal source of energy.

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