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Co-curricular activities offer practical, hands-on experiences that allow students to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world situations. This application of learning enhances understanding and retention in children. Manthan Sampoorna Vikas Kendra (SVK), the holistic education program of DJJS, run under the stewardship of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji aims to stimulate its students academically and bring about a holistic growth in emotional development, social skill development, and overall personality development.

Beyond Grades: The Unseen Dimensions of Co-Curricular Wisdom | December 2023 | DJJS Manthan SVK

In the month of December 2023, DJJS Manthan SVK connected with more than 1399 students across the various DJJS branches in the country through both its online and offline workshops. The workshops that were conducted are as follows -

नींव- Nurturing Strong Future session on Setting Goal and Achievement was facilitated by Ms. Ragini, a motivational speaker. Children explored that setting goals and achievements is a crucial aspect of their personal and academic development. It helps instill a sense of purpose, motivation, and responsibility. By incorporating these principles into goal-setting for children, it contributes to their overall development, self-confidence, and resilience. Goal-setting teaches valuable life skills that extend beyond the immediate achievements, preparing children for success in various aspects of their lives.

Beyond Grades: The Unseen Dimensions of Co-Curricular Wisdom | December 2023 | DJJS Manthan SVK

Nirnayatmak Sanskarshala sessions organized by DJJS Manthan SVK volunteers through guided lessons and storytelling, craft making and other fun activities on fostering decisiveness. It equips them with valuable life skills, promotes a positive mindset, and prepares them to navigate through complexities with confidence and resilience.

Jeevan Kaushal Karyashala workshops were based on the topic Awareness of Social Issues facilitated by Sadhvi Aneesha Bharti Ji. The key takeaway from these sessions was creating awareness for young children on how to develop empathy, critical thinking, and a sense of responsibility towards the community and the world.

Bharat Gaurav Gatha Aao Karein Bharat Ki Sair illustrated a virtual tour about the majestic state of Uttarakhand, starting from its geographical area, reminiscent of the historic battles, cultural values inclusively like festivals, cuisine, folk music, dance forms, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage places, eminent heroes and state contributors were showcased to the students.

Bhartiya Sanskriti Ki Shreshthta, a session on Our National Hero was conducted by Manthan SVK volunteers. Children explored our country’s heroes who are recognized and celebrated for their significant contributions to the history, culture, and development of a nation.

Vigyanshala where Manthan volunteers demonstrated live science experiments via virtual sessions for children to learn how simple resourcefulness can nurture their intellectual curiosity, helping children acquire new ways of asking questions and understanding the world.

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