The auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima was celebrated in its full swing in the hermitage of DJJS. Devotees in large number from nearby areas gathered for their active participation on this occasion. The programme commenced with the spiritual messages delivered by the orators regarding the importance of dedication into the Lotus Feet of Satguru for the fulfilled blessed life. The glory of Guru was sung through bhajan kirtan, hearing which all the devotees lilted in ecstasy.

Celebration on Guru Purnima in Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

Sarv Shri Ashutosh ji Maharaj, the founder head of DJJS, then blessed all the congregated devotees through His divine spiritual views. He said that to realize God, there is a dire necessity of a Guru, who can show us the real form of God. That's why all our holy scriptures sing the glory of Guru. Unless you merge in that Word, your Pooja can not be complete and fulfilled. No doubt the whole world is performing pooja but is quite ignorant of the real strategy of Pooja. The one who is having his divine eye open knows the real essence and meaning of Pooja. He is the one whose pooja is supreme and proves fruitful. Guru is the only one who while showing us God acquaints us with the exact way of Pooja. It is Guru only who can lift a man from an unfathomable ditch of ignorance, for it is through Him only that a man can enlighten his whole life after the achievement of Divine Knowledge. That's why all our shastras glorify such a benign benevolent Guru. Guru has been hailed as Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Guru acquaints His disciple with True Knowledge, the only medium of salvation.

Celebration on Guru Purnima in Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

While discoursing he elucidated that our materialistic world has made every possible effort including the inventions and discoveries made by our scientific world, just to bring about peace but all in vain. The only source of peace is divine knowledge. Today the atmosphere of terrorism, narrowness, inhumanity is wide spreading. Many people are supporting the spread of these evil vicious tendencies. This viciousness can not be uprooted unless there is a direct perception of God. Since an individual is a building block of society, the character of society is well determined by the character of individual. If a man is led astray, society too will be. If he is an embodiment of sacrifice, selflessness and virtues, so shall be the society. Therefore to transform the society, a man needs to be transformed, which on the other hand is feasible with the help of Divine Knowledge only.

Lacs of devotees gathered together in a colorfully lit auspicious programme with full devotion and love. Full security support was offered by the administration. There was a proper arrangement of prasad as well as langar for the gathered devotees. The whole hermitage was well lighted. All offered full support for the successful accomplishment of this divine programme. All the sewadars worked day and night and that too wholeheartedly and displayed their devotion and dedication for their highly revered Guru. Cherishing the invaluable blessings in the form of divine discourse by Sarv Shri Ashutosh ji Maharaj all the devotees were filled with ecstasy.

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