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 For a disciple, the grandest of all celebrations is the celebration of Guru Purnima. This rapturous event occurs at soul level and is beyond the comprehension of this material world. The ultimate goal and biggest achievement for any human being is that of liberation. Saints or Yogis spend decades and centuries in penance but still can’t fathom the infinite. The same can be achieved by a single glance or grace of the Perfect master. By the grace of Satguru, a disciple attains bliss inherent in the soul through “Atma Gyan”.
Saint Sahjobai has profoundly stated that all holy pilgrimages and bliss can be found in the holy feet of a Perfect Master. There is nothing in the entire cosmos which can give us the infinite bliss other than surrendering to the will of a Satguru. Today, Perfect Master His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has become the King of millions of hearts by bestowing myriad souls with Divine Knowledge. With his infinite grace and benevolence, he governs His expansive kingdom which knows no geographical boundaries. Truly, such a supreme authority deserves a deep reverence and a solemn worship. In this vein, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, Nurmahal, celebrated the auspicious occasion of Guru Pooja on 16th July 2019.
Exuberant fervor and bliss could be experienced on the day and the organization stands tall as a remarkable example of universal brotherhood and unity. The Ashram was beautifully adorned with flowers, colors, lights and other decoration. Devotees sung the glories of their Spiritual Master, transmitted through the vibrations of the heart. Volunteers were all geared up to offer their services enthusiastically. Collective meditation and prayers were offered to hail the Guru and towards His divine mission.
The preacher disciples through a series of insightful discourse sessions discussed the bond of Guru-Disciple and made various divine revelations bestowed by His Holiness. They explained the infinite or Advaita who manifests in human form in order to uplift masses from the darkness of ignorance. Then the awakened soul through the cadence of Divine music and holy nectar can turn into an instrument in the hands of Divine Master. A true disciple reflects on the year gone by and stands witness to Guru’s nourishing grace that leads him throughout the entire time. The real worship of Guru would mean serving His Mission, i.e. World Peace, devotedly and wholeheartedly. In other words, it is a day of taking new resolutions and bracing up our determination to serve the Mission of Master by obeying his commandments sincerely.
The divine remembrance of Revered Guru and his incessant grace overflowed through the event, filling innumerable eyes with rolling tears and hearts with devotion. Each one prayed at His Lotus Feet for HIS direction, mercy and devotion. Supreme peace and happiness engulfed the aura and divinity persisted.

Sacred Guru Purnima Celebrations at Nurmahal, Punjab Submerged Every Soul into Devotion

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